The world can be a dark and brooding place, but luckily we have been blessed with the presence of animals. Of course there are animals that are also dark and brooding, but in contrast to that, there are animals that are small and precious and just too adorable to even comprehend. When you take these adorable animals and look at the baby versions of them you just can't help but melt. The following are 20 baby animals that are just too precious for this world.

1. Dog.

This Pomeranian puppy is way too small. Look at those small, little footsies and that itsy bitsy snout. It's basically a cotton-ball with legs.

2. Cat.

Oh, no. Look at how small that kitten is. It is a very small floof that must be protected at all costs.

3. Bunny.

This little bun is only just the size of a playing card. Those baby ears are killing me.

4. Kangaroo Rat.

Oh, my heart. Those big eyes would convince me of anything. What a precious baby!

5. Anteater.

I never knew how small baby anteaters are! Look at him gripping on with his little baby feets.

6. Piglet.

I might actually be in love. Look at how small and precious that snout is!

7. Fennec Fox.

Those ears! It's going to take quite a while for him to grow into them. But for now I think we're fine.

8. Polar Bear cub.

I'm well aware of how fierce they can be as adults, but look at how small and innocent this baby is, and he's even got little toe beans!

9. Koala.

I'm going to be honest, I was obsessed with koalas when I was younger, and well, I absolutely see the reason why.

10. Mouse.

Oh, what a sweet baby. As much as people tend to hate and be disgusted by mice, this little angel could never be hated.

11. Rat.

I had to throw this one in here because I have my own sweet rat darlings who are just as precious even as adults. I mean, come on, look at those little hands!

12. Goat.

This little buddy looks like he is trying very hard to stay standing on his little legs.

13. Porcupine.

I don't know about you but I don't think this little doll could hurt a soul.

14. Hedgehog.

Oh, he's just a little handful of sweetness. Those feetsies are so small, and his little nose is so precious.

15. Turtle.

He's only slightly bigger than a dime! That is far too small and adorable.

16. Owl.

This fluffy little darling could tell me to kill a man, and I would probably do it. Those big, round eyes are just impossible to resist.

17. Panda.

I don't think my heart can take it. Look at those toe beans!

18. Chameleons.

It's honestly amazing how small some of these babies can be. Just the size of a fingertip and they're already too perfect and precious.

19. Elephant.

Look at how sweet this darling is, making friends with a different species. And those eyes are so precious!

20. Deer.

What a precious, sleeping angel. I didn't realize how small fawns could be!

Were you able to make it through this list without your heart melting? Because I definitely could not.