The 1975 is one of the best bands I have ever experienced. From their amazing songs that make no sense yet make total sense, to their super artistic music videos, they surely are something great. I have been a fan of them for 3 years now and listen to them more than any other artist in my Spotify playlists. Their band and their music have become a big part of my life and here is why they could be your next favorite band as well:

1. Their live shows are literally art shows

I've seen The 1975 live twice and both times were the best moments of my life. The lights and the music give such an aesthetic pleasure that you wonder why you didn't experience this earlier.

2. The lyrics to all of their songs are beautiful

You can tell that they truly put heart and soul into the lyrics. I actually have 3 tattoos based off of their lyrics.

3. Their "eras"

From black and white to pink. What color is next for "Music for Cars?"

4. Their music videos are also literally art

Every one of their music videos makes a statement. Take a look at "Robbers" for a Bonnie and Clyde type of love story, or watch "Girls" for a more upbeat, fashionable type of music video.

5. If you attend one of their concerts...

Be prepared to leave overwhelmed... in a good way! Matty (the singer), actually asks the fans to put their phones away for one song so they can enjoy that song and atmosphere at the moment, instead of reliving it on their phones.

6. They're British!

They're one of those British bands where you can actually somewhat hear the British accent peek through at some songs. You can't go wrong with British accents!

7. You can tell they appreciate lyric-less music

Their song "An Encounter" is actually one of my favorite songs and it contains zero lyrics. It's one of those songs that make you feel like you're floating because it's so pretty and relaxing.

8. They work hard

The 1975 was named "the hardest working band" in 2014 and they have also played more gigs than any other band since 2010.

9. They're one of a kind

The 1975 really put hard work into their music and their image as a band. From their color aesthetics to their original music videos, they are one you can really pick out from the rest. Their new album, "Music for Cars" is debuting later this year, while waiting for that one to be released, you can listen to their first album which is self-titled and their second album, "I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it." We can only expect more great things from them coming in the future.