College is a unique learning experience filled with characters, much like "School of Rock." In fact, here are 19 ways they are the same!

1. Meeting New People Turns Into A Music Exchange

2. When Those People Actually Dig It

3. Gaining The "Freshman Fifteen"

4. Going From This

5. To This

6. When Homework Is Assigned Over Break

7. Every Single Gen Ed

8. There’s Always That One Student

9. Drinking Copious Amounts of Caffeine

10. At Least One Of Your Family Members Back Home

11. Excusing Yourself From Class Like

12. Every Senior’s Conversation With Lower Classmen

13. Commuting Looks Something Like This

14. The Face You Make When Your Professor Says "Find A Partner"

15. When You Present In Class

16. Versus Watching Class Presentations

17. Getting All Your Homework Done On Time

18. Welcoming Summer

19. When People Ask What You Do

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