19 Unmistakable Signs You're A Pittsburgher
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19 Unmistakable Signs You're A Pittsburgher

The restaurant you're eating at only has Hunt's? What a disgrace.

19 Unmistakable Signs You're A Pittsburgher
Dr EG, Flickr

For many of us native Pittsburghers, it's not even until we leave for one reason or another that we realize the way the city has shaped us and how special of a place it holds in our hearts. Here are 19 unmistakable ways to tell that you were raised by the Burgh:

1. If it’s not Heinz, you ain't havin' it.

The restaurant you're eating at only has Hunt's? What a disgrace. Guess you'll just skip the ketchup this time.

2. You hate anything Philadelphia with a passion for almost no reason.

The rivalry will live on forever. But we all know who the real winners are.

3. You’ve caught yourself using the word "yinz" casually in a conversation at least once before.

Or really any signature Pittsburghese word or phrase. And you probably hate the accent, but you just can't help it.

4. You like to eat perogies, but like to watch them race even more.

They may just be the best part about going to a Pirates game. Everyone has a favorite.

5. You understand that the phrase “Kennywood is open” does not mean what you think it does.

Only if you're from Pittsburgh do you understand the panic this phrase brings with it.

6. But also know that an annual summer day at the small historical theme park is a must.

If you don't miss the Pitt Fall and have at least one funny mid-roller coaster face picture from here, then are you really from Pittsburgh?

7. You never get tired of the viewz.

You understand how photogenic the Burgh is. From Mount Washington, to PNC Park, to the Fort Pitt tunnel exit, there's no shortage of great opportunities for an Instagram shot or snap story post. And we're all guilty of posting a few too many of those. No shame.

8. You get offended when someone forgets the “h”.

It's PittsburgH, not Pittsburg. Come on people.

9. You practically bleed black and gold.

There is no way your wardrobe doesn't contain a healthy dose of black and gold. We just love our sports teams.

10. And you still lovingly refer to Pittsburgh at the City of Champions.

Or city of Champ-yinz, if you will. Even if the last time we won multiple championships in a year was many years ago, that's always how we'll remember it.

11. Using a chair to guarantee a parking spot and ordering a sandwich with fries and coleslaw on it are both acceptable practices to you.


12. There’s at least one TV show or movie that you became a fan of because it was filmed or set in the steel city.

Perks of Being a Wallflower, This is Us, The Dark Knight Rises. You name it, we've seen it and can tell you where each scene takes place around town.

13. If all four seasons happen to occur in one day, you’re not even phased.

We're used to it, no big deal. Just wear layers and you'll be fine.

14. At one point you could probably name the exact number of bridges the wonderful City of Bridges holds.

Anyone? We have a grand total of 446 bridges running across various spots of the 3 rivers. And there's always at least one under construction.

15. Mr. Rogers holds a special place in your heart.

This Pittsburgh native is among some of the best, and had a positive influence in many of our childhoods. Good thing we can still visit him anytime we want on the North Shore.

16. You probably drink pop, not soda.

And if you drink soda, you've definitely been told more than once that the correct term is pop.

17. The Kiss morning Freak Show is probably your favorite radio talk show.

Mikey and Big Bob never fail to entertain and keep our morning commute bearable.

18. You connect spiritually with songs like Black and Yellow and Blue Slide Park.

You're lying if you say you can resist shouting the lyrics to Black and Yellow any time it comes on.

19. You have an annoying amount of pride and love for your city, even if no one else gets it.

The 412 will always be home. There's no way any other city compares in your eyes. Especially not Philly.

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