Moving out of the house is an adjustment in and of itself, much less the things you realize you have to do when your parents aren't around anymore.

1. Checking the mail actually matters now or the bills will be late.

2. Clothes don't wash themselves

3. Leftovers don't magically appear in the fridge.

4. You really need to clean up after you cook.

5. Lights do not turn themselves off anymore.

6. The power bill is really expensive when you leave the air on 67 all day.

7. You eat off on napkins because who has time to go get paper plates?

8. Sheets need to be washed more than just once a semester.

9. When the floor creeks in the middle of the night and you realize you are the one having to check for intruders.

10. Grocery shopping is a big deal.

11. You are the one who has to supply the pantry now.

12. If you don't wash your hair for 3 days, no one will say anything.

13. If your bed is not made for a month, no one cares.

14. No one notices if you wear the same shirt a few times without a wash.

15. You are the one to call the doc now (possibly not though, because #scared).

16. You can rearrange furniture whenever you please.

17. Claiming the dust bunnies on top of the fan as pets for a few months is fine because no one notices.

18. Sacrificing sleeping without the TV on so the power bill isn't so high

19. Realizing that life at home may not have been that sucky after all.