Makeup has become as big or even bigger than fashion, with never-ending trends. It is hard not to fall into the sparkly, colorful, bold makeup world.

1. Whenever you try to do a 'subtle' look but...

2. If you go natural, you'd just rather not wear any makeup at all

3. Lol @ no makeup looks that still use the same amount of products as your everyday 'not natural' look

4. Although sometimes you wish you could get being this 'natural' look so you don't have to check your contour in different lighting

5. What others may consider 'special occasion' makeup is your everyday routine

6. The struggle of winter vs summer makeup

7. When you don't have time for a full face, but don't want to NOT wear makeup

8. *priorities*

9. That being said, you judge people based on their eyebrows

10. "I'll go for a subtle highlight today."

11. ???

12. When you have the biggest makeup collection out of your friend group, so everyone congregates at your place

13. You can never decide what makeup to pack for a trip

14. You've mastered the 'mascara face'

15. You've learned how to apply your usual routine in T- 0.5 seconds

16. We've all experienced this at least once

17. When you spend way too much money on makeup

18. You're always up to try the latest beauty trend

19. You'd never compromise your makeup for others