why do people call turning 19 nasty

Another year, another birthday! Each year I find myself filled with thoughts on being another year older and what it means to me, and this year was no different.

Here are nine thoughts that crossed my mind on turning what everyone calls the "Nasty 19."

1. This is my last year of being a "teenager."


For the first time, I'm feeling old.

2. I'm no longer a minor, but I can't drink until I'm 21. What can I do at 19??


Answer: Not much. Unless I went to Canada, then I could drink AND gamble. How fun!

3. What have I accomplished in the past 19 years?


Shawn Mendes is 19 and has toured the world, twice. Jaden Smith has been in more than 3 movies. And don't even get me started on Brooklyn Beckham.

4. No one has written a song about turning 19 because it's literally pointless.


I fell in love in T-Swift's "15" and became a dancing queen at 17, thanks to ABBA. What cool title do I get at 19??

5. What's so "nasty" about it?


When my friends wished me a happy birthday, they said "Happy Nasty Nineteen!" But what's so nasty about it? Someone please explain.

6. I'm now a sophomore in college.


Which means that I'm technically a junior, which is almost a senior, so basically, I'm graduating this year. AHH!

7. Who allowed me to get older??


When do I get to go back to being 5 years old and ignore all of my responsibilities?

8. I'm one year away from my 20s.


I've heard a lot of claims that your twenties are some of the most fun years of your life, and I am HERE for it.

9. I'm still young and have my whole life ahead of me!


Here's to the next 19 years of adventures and laughs and memories!

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