18 Times I Accepted My Clumsy Fate
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Student Life

18 Times I Accepted My Clumsy Fate

Jennifer Lawrence isn't the only one who's good at tripping up stairs.

18 Times I Accepted My Clumsy Fate
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Grace? That's my middle name.

That's a joke I used to have with my family. We actually still have that joke. Shhhhh.

Here's times that I've given in and just accepted my clumsy fate:

1. When I ran into the door

It happens to the best of us.

2. When I ran into the doorframe

This is probably the best representation of when that happens.

3. When I fell down the stairs

Or slid, either one.

4. When I tripped going up the stairs


5. When I rolled down the hill covered in snow

I definitely was nowhere near as adorable as the panda, but we can all pretend I was.

6. When I fell off a wooden plank and hit my head

And that one time I was roller blading. And that one time you were ice skating (because somehow I haven't fallen while ice skating...yet).

7. When I got a bloody nose in PE by the basketball bouncing off someone's head and landing on my nose

Everyone asked her if she was okay while blood was gushing from my face. No big deal.

8. When I had a "yard sale" wipeout while skiing

It was my last lesson that I ever took. Luckily, my instructor and I just laughed it off and I've been skiing black diamonds ever since.

9. When I stubbed my toe

Can anyone call a "toe truck"?

See what I did there?

10. When I hit my funny bone

I'll go to bed now. Start a new day fresh.

11. When I hit the knobby part of my ankle that apparently doesn't have a name but I hope you know what I'm talking about

The one that once you hit it, excruciating pain makes its way through the body. Yeah, that one.

12. When I fell out of the tree I was climbing

My brother didn't even bother to ask if I was okay.

13. When I tripped over my own foot

It's practically a daily occurrence. I don't even notice it anymore.

14. When I knocked my drink over

Or got hit in the face with it. It's all the same. Still sad.

15. When I slipped on the wet floor

Or if my shoes are wet and I slip on the floor because there's no mats to dry my shoes off on.

16. When I avoided all the puddles but the biggest one

And it always happens to get me completely soaked.

17. When I dropped my phone

Oh my gracious, how adorable is that dog.

Dropping my phone can occur anywhere. The bathroom, my bed, the beach, class, church, my car, the parking lot, out of my pocket, it jumping out of my pocket to fall on the ground. It's a magic maker.

18. Last, but not least, when I fell for no reason

Okay, let's be real, cats falling is one of the funniest things to waste time watching.

Falling for no reason happens all the time, might as well accept it.

Hope you enjoyed my list of agony and got some laughs out of it. Maybe you can relate.

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