18 Things We'll All Miss About The 765
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Student Life

18 Things We'll All Miss About The 765

West Lafayette, Indiana will always hold a special place in our hearts.

18 Things We'll All Miss About The 765

Whether you're graduating, studying abroad, or just going home for break, there's some common things about the little town of West Lafayette, Indiana & campus life that we have all come to love in our short time at Purdue. Being away, even for a short period of time, makes us realize some things that we just can't get enough of in the 765 area code.

1. The CoRec

We casually boast about this $98 million dollar building all too much, but often take for granted how much it offers. When we bid farewell to campus, though, this is one of the first things we're bound to miss.

2. HungryBoiler

After we go workout at the CoRec, we're bound to be hungry. But, being college students, there's no time to cook for ourselves. Insert Hungry Boiler. This service offers fast delivery from tons of restaurants around the area & it's bound to be missed when you leave.

3. The Stadium Avenue McDonald's

Not sure why, but this McDonald's just holds a special place in our hearts. Whether you're coming for cheap American cuisine, or just people-watching, this place is sure to satisfy!

4. Boilermaker School Spirit

We bleed black & gold. And whenever you see this logo, pride swells up in your throat. Whether you're a sports fan or an academic to the core, you still bear that pride for our school and everything we've accomplished over the years!

5. Den Pops

The best 75 cents you'll ever spend. 44 ounces of pure joy. Whether cramming for an exam, treating yourself, or just trying to beat the dog days of summer, you're bound to miss Den Pops when you're away.

6. The Hate of IU

There's just no reason to even explain this. We're just better.

7. Good Ole' Indiana Basketball

Here in Indiana, this is one of the most popular sports, so we tend to be die-hard basketball fans. We're sure to miss Mackey Arena when we're away for even a little bit.

8. Insane Amounts of Coffee Shops

Even if coffee isn't your thing, you can't help but notice how many little coffee shops are in the Lafayette & West Lafayette area. There's a lot of unique places and you're sure to miss the variety of lattes whenever you leave the area.

9. Insomnia

Warm, chewy gifts of late-night comfort food, delivered free of judgement. You just can't get Insomnia cookies everywhere in the world, and even if you can, there's nothing like sharing them with your college roomies at 2 in the morning.

10. Free Things

Whether it's free hot chocolate or a free T-shirt, there's always some club or organization giving out free things on campus. And like typical college students, we come running when we hear about it.

11. Fountain Runs

I just don't know of anywhere else where it's appropriate to run through fountains as part of an organized group of 18-22 year olds.

12. Thursdays

College students love to celebrate the weekend, so why not start a day early? You're bound to miss your Thursday celebration when you're away from your college friends (hello Cactus).

13. Intramural Sports

There's something for everyone's interest & if you've been a part of intramural or club sports at Purdue, you're sure to miss it!

14. Late Night Food Runs

No late night is complete without half-price shakes and cheap burgers. You're gonna miss these times when calories start to count.

15. Club Callouts

Purdue has all sorts of clubs to offer! There's over 1000 around campus and the callouts are the best part. They usually offer free pizza and riveting information about how to better your resume.

16. The Proximity to Chicago & Indy

The 765 is unique in this aspect. It's within a two hour drive to two major cities. You'll miss this convenience when you're away!

17. Sleeping in the Union

...or wherever your favorite napping place is. It just isn't quite acceptable to take naps in public at any other place than college.

18. The END of Finals Week

This may be the best moment of every semester. There's just this feeling of victory and overcoming the world when you take that last exam! Definitely going to miss this feeling!

Many of these things don't exist anywhere else in the world or at any other stage of our lives, but in West Lala, these things are perfectly normal for 20-somethings and we're sure to miss them whenever we're away!

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