18 Things Servers Desperately Wish They Could Say To You
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18 Things Servers Desperately Wish They Could Say To You

My fellow waitresses and waiters: unite!

18 Things Servers Desperately Wish They Could Say To You

Serving is one of the best ways that a college student can save up and make some money before going back to school over their summer break. With that being said, it’s also one of the more fast-paced work environments out there. There’s a lot going on, and all at the same time. Yet customers tend to think that their waitress or waiter should be there to do everything for them beyond giving them a foot rub at the end of their meal.

As a waitress myself, I consider it somewhat of an acting gig at the same time. No matter how high maintenance a table may be, you have to stand by with a smile and act as if they are the greatest people to walk this earth since Ghandi. But to tap inside of my inner waitressing thoughts, here’s what I’d really like to say.

1. Do you REALLY need the water along with your fountain drink? Because I know you wont actually touch it.

2. I will get you extra napkins, just let me deal with my 8 other tables first.

3. No I will not take your order and completely turn it into a different meal that isn’t even on our menu, the kitchen will freak out on me.

4. It’s rude to interrupt me with your drink order when I am introducing myself to you.

5. I don’t think that making the “I hated it,” joke when you licked the plate is funny, I already heard it three times today.

6. Don’t try to grab the plate out of my hand when I’m setting it down unless you would rather wear your food.

7. If you were just going to come and order a water and a house salad, you were better off staying home.

8. You seriously think it’s OK to come to the restaurant at 9:56 p.m. when we close at 10?

9. Why would you ask for toast with your breakfast if you didn’t even touch it?

10. If you “can’t afford” to tip 20% then you can’t afford to eat out.

11. If you’re going to tell me you hate your meal but then not want me to do anything about it or take it off the bill, why did you go out of your way to tell me?

12. I can’t believe that you want this check split 14 ways.

13. I’m not going to give you a free meal if you “didn’t like it,” but still ate most of it.

14. You seriously want change for your bill that you gave me 30 dollars for when it was 29 dollars?

15. I’m not going to sit here and stare at you while you look at the menu until you make your decision. I will come back.

16. If you know your kid has a tendency to scream bloody murder at restaurants for the entirety of the meal, order take out.

17. Stop acting like I’m there to serve you and only you. I have many other things to tend to as well.

We’re people too. We don’t get out of bed every day and say, “Man I can’t wait to go to the restaurant today and serve these people!” It is a great source of income for us, but for must of us it’s not our life’s work and destiny to be waitresses or waiters. Customers often forget to use basic courtesy when dealing with their servers. We have lives outside of bringing food to your table and serving you, and a little etiquette goes a long way with us. So for those non service industry individuals out there, consider the little things when approaching your server at your next meal.

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