18 Things You will Really Need During Your Disney College Program

18 Things You will Really Need During Your Disney College Program

The must have items, excluding the fun ones!

The first Disney College program that I took part in was one of the first times I was ever on my own. It was terrifying and I had absolutely no clue as to what I was going to need to take care of myself. Now the program does offer you some items to accommodate your apartment if you are staying in housing (silverware/fridge/etc.). However, there are several other items that you are going to need as a participant that, I myself, had no idea would be so much of a lifesaver to making life easier as a participant:

What you really really need to bring:

1.A Car

If you are able to, absolutely bring your car! It cuts down travel time compared to using the bus systems, to and from work, and it makes going grocery shopping much easier.

2. More than one charger for any electronic items you plan on bringing and multiple outlet plugs

Always better to be safe than sorry.

3. Travel size fan

It can get hot at whichever program you're going to, the apartments come with their own air and heating system but this will ensure that it won't get to hot in your room.

4. Power Strip

You forget how many electrical items you own, but then you also don't want to be the outlet hog when using them. With the power strip it'll ensure that you're not taking up to many of the plugs while still powering up your own devices.

5. Router

The apartments come with their own wifi but sometimes it can get pretty slow with up to 6 or more people using it in the same room. If you plan on working on online school work during the program using your own router can ensure that you will be able to get your work done on a stable and fast working network.

6. Coffee Machine/Tea Kettle

The apartments do not come with one of these babies so if you need your daily caffeine fix, it's best to look into getting one.

7. Toaster/Toaster Oven

I never realized how regularly I use the toaster until I didn't have one. Luckily I had very nice roommates who brought one on both of my programs and I was saved. It's always good to have one of these if you are in a hurry for work and need to make a quick breakfast.

8.Water Filter with multiple back up filters

The tap water in housing is not the best and purchasing water bottles can be very costly. Bringing a water filter gives you nice clean water that's free!

9. Tupperware, Reusable Water Bottles, Lunch Box, and Snack Bags

Odds are you are not going to be be buying lunch everyday or eat all of your meals in one sitting. It's better to have nice containers that you can conserve and carry your leftover meals in, than to throw them away.

10. Lot's of Towels, Washrags, and Dish Rags

You don't want to use your personal shower towel for every spill or mishap, if you bring multiples this will make cleaning up messes easier while making sure you have something to use when you shower later.

11. Storage Containers

Preferably long rectangular ones that you can use to squeeze under beds, or bulky square ones that can fit in closets. Yes the apartments do come with drawers but if you're a cautious packer like me that packs for every type of weather, then trust me when i say you won't be able to fit everything in just the drawers.

12. Calendar

This will help keep track of your important dates and shift times.

13. Backpack

Instead of bringing a purse or satchel (Indiana Jones wore one, so it's not a purse!) bring a backpack with you for trips to the parks. With a backpack you are able to carry everything that you need for the day and easily stow things that you pick up on your adventures. Will you look like a slight nerd? Yes, but you will be a prepared nerd!

14. Coat Hangers

An item that is also not provided with the apartment, so you will needs these if you have extra clothes to store. Also they come in handy when the dryers don't work and you need to air dry your clothes somewhere.

15.Semi Formal/Business Clothes (6 outfits at least if you are taking classes)

First impressions are important, so impress everyone with your nice clothes during the first couple training days of your program. Not to mention you are also supposed to wear your best business attire for any classes you may be taking with the program.

16. Standard Stationary Equipment (Notepad/Pens)

During the first couple of days you might want to take notes, plus I always seemed to need a pen at least once every day.

17. A First Aid Kit

For any klutzes out there, this is something I'm sure you will all need.

18. Tissues

For the happy times, the sad times, the sick times, the allergy times, or if you just happen to have Kristen Bell levels of emotion.

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1. Sunglasses

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Cover Image Credit: Unsplash

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