18 Memes For The Pumpkin Spice Loving Basic White Girls
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18 Memes For The Pumpkin Spice Loving Basic White Girls

I mean, they're for everyone, but we know where most of the page views are coming from.

18 Memes For The Pumpkin Spice Loving Basic White Girls

We're deep into Autumn now (even though it barely feels like it in New England. Eighty degrees in October? And global warming isn't real?) and that friend who's obsessed with everything Fall-ish has come out of the woodwork. That girl who wears scarves when it's still hot and Uggs almost year round. You know exactly who I'm talking about.

The Basic White Girl.

I am one myself and I readily admit to it. So to gear up for Halloween and pumpkin spice season, here are eighteen pumpkin spice memes to give you a giggle and hold you over until it's time for your next hit of PS.

1. This little girl knows what's up

2. Starbucks partners on September 1st

3. For every Mean Girls fan

4. I know I'd go

5. I wasn't ready, I wear this every day

6. The answer is no.

7. If this isn't me...

8. If this isn't all of us...

9. Not today

10. Everybody needs a little Red Foreman in their life

11. If it's on Wikipedia, it must be true.


13. Every boyfriend looking on in horror like

14. For all those dog lovers out there

15. Overheard on campus

16. Plot Twist

17. A crime against humanity and pumpkins alike

18. Gotta end with Grumpy Cat

Regardless of whether you love pumpkin spice, hate pumpkin spice, or are just patiently waiting for Summer to come back, go get yourself a latte and a scone and enjoy the Fall.

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