18 Questions To Consider Before Your Disney College Program Phone Interview

18 Questions To Consider Before Your Disney College Program Phone Interview

Get an idea for some of the general questions that your recruiter could ask you!


I'm the type of person to completely blank out during an interview. You could ask me my favorite color, and I would forget what my favorite color is. That's how badly I forget things when I'm under pressure. If you feel the same way or would just like to get your head in the game for your interview (see what I did there?), this list is for you!

While not all of these will be covered during your interview, it's nice to know the answers to these so that if they are asked, you've already prepared your response! And when I interviewed, I felt like I was in the DCP mindset already because I had filled out my answers to 148 potential questions. I got my inspiration from the "love megan june" blog!

1. Why do you want to do the Walt Disney College Program?

Be genuine and honest when answering this. They really want to see if you have an interest or if it's solely because you didn't want to go to classes at your school.

2. What part of the program are you most looking forward to?

Are you excited to make new friends? Are you thrilled to think about going to the parks on your off-days? Or do you want to make magic happen for the guests?

3. What makes you stand out from the other candidates/why should we accept you?

While I wasn't asked this personally, I knew in my heart that the DCP was my dream internship. Because of that, I was willing to do any task thrown at me by the company. Disney is what motivates me. I live my life waiting for the next moment that I'm in Disney. And because Disney is what motivates me, I would do anything they needed me to.

4. What does Disney mean to you?

For me, Disney is my happy place. It's where I go to feel like I'm at home.

5. How do you feel about living and working far from home?

This is a prime moment to mention all the experience you've had living away from home. If you've done other internships far away or have studied abroad, this is also good to think about.

6. What's your favorite character or movie? Why?

Put all your personality into your answer for this one. Think about how you personally connect to that movie or character. Why do you appreciate them so much?

7. Are you willing to maintain the "Disney look"?

LOOK THIS UP ONLINE BEFORE YOU INTERVIEW!! I cannot stress this enough. Thankfully, I researched it prior to my interview. Be familiar with the company's appearance expectations!

8. Have you been to Disney World or Disneyland?

They're looking mainly to see how familiar you are with the layout of the parks as well as how familiar you are with the company itself.

9. What is a magical moment that you personally had within the parks?

I didn't get asked this question either, but it definitely encouraged me to think back on all of my amazing vacations to Disney World.

10. Have you ever lived independently or with a roommate? Discuss a time in which you handled a conflict. Did you handle it well?

This was one of the first questions that my recruiter asked me. If you have to take a moment or two to collect your thoughts and remember a time that this happened, it's okay!

11. Would it bother you working outside in the Florida heat?

I told my recruiter, "In comparison to where I am right now? I'd stand out there in the heat all day without shade just to escape the cold that I have here!"

12. Would you prefer to work alone or with guests?

This was something that I wasn't asked by my recruiter, but I made sure to repeatedly bring up how badly I wanted to work with guests. I want to go to Disney so that I can interact with the guests and give them a magical experience.

13. Where would you like to work?

Do you have a favorite park? Do you have a favorite resort? You are more than welcome to ask to work in your favorite place but keep in mind that Disney can't guarantee that you'll be placed there.

14. Talk about a time when you were a team player.

I had the hardest time coming up with an answer for this before my interview, and then my recruiter ended up not asking me about it! When answering this, focus on what elements you bring to the group. Are you the person who instructs everyone? Are you the one that improves everybody's work? They want to see how well you work with people that you're paired up with.

15. Talk about some of your previous work experience.

This is an easy question, but the recruiters genuinely want to know what hands-on experience you've had! Especially if you really want to work in QSFB (Quick Service Food & Beverage), make sure that if you've had experience with food or the cash register, you let them know that.

16. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

I strongly advise that if you're asked this question you don't say, "My weaknesses are..." That makes it seem as though you're not willing to work on whatever it is that you don't do well. Rather, you could say, "Some things that I want to improve on are..."

17. What are your top 3-5 roles?

List them in order to make sure that you know which are your favorites.

18. Would you consider taking a role that you put low/no interest in?

This is really up to you, but I think you should say "yes" to this. You become more marketable that way.

Best of luck to everyone applying!!

Don't forget to smile during your interview, and have a magical day!

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