18 Friendship Goals As Told By The Cast Of "Friends"
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18 Friendship Goals As Told By The Cast Of "Friends"

The cast of Friends is the original #friendshipgoals.

18 Friendship Goals As Told By The Cast Of "Friends"

Not to be the one to point fingers, but the cast of "Friends" set the standards so high that all we can hope to do is aspire to reach such goals. For all of my fellow "Friends" fanatics, the original six best friends epitomize exactly the kind of friendships of which we all dream. Whether you have known your friend for what feels like forever or just a short period time, we can all see ourselves in Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler or Joey.

1. They know you better than you know yourself

In fact, they know you so well that they can easily answer a series of questions about your fears and pet peeves, ancient history, literature, and it's all relative. You know that they're a real friend when they can ace a lightning round or two.

2. They love what you hate about yourself

Acceptance is one of the biggest parts of being an amazing friend. If you're feeling down, just remember that they're your biggest fans.

3. They almost always go along with your awful ideas because that's just what friends do

Bad ideas always seem to make the best memories. Even if your conscience tells you that everything will probably go horribly wrong, somehow you manage to convince yourself that it's a good idea just because friendship does that to you. Come on Ross, you and I both knew that the couch would not "PIVOT!" any more up that staircase.

4. If they care, they'll always be honest

When we're caught up in our lives, we can often see everything through rose-colored glasses. Lucky for us, having great friends means having people who have your back. They wouldn't lie to you and if you need to hear an honest truth now and again, it's their job to intervene. Now being honest doesn't always have such a negative connotation to it. Sometimes you just need to hear how freaking great you are and your friends are there for that too.

5. They're supportive during your relationships and will be 100% supportive if it doesn't work out

I'm confident that this GIF kind of says it all.

6. No question is a stupid question; if you need advice, anything goes

That's what friends are there for! If you need life advice, a shoulder to cry on, or simply an ear to listen, they're available to you whenever you need them. Remember when Rachel asked Joey for help because her boss "wanted to buy her baby?" Trust me, it's okay to ask for help if you need it.

7. They can find a bright side to anything

We all have our off-days. Luckily not everyone has them on the exact same day. Friends can make you smile on your worst days. It's raining? Wear your new rain boots that you haven't used yet. Phone died? It's a great time to find a new hobby you've never tried before. Fridge broken? Unlike Joey, have a huge dinner party!

8. Not spending almost every second together is out of the ordinary

Of course, everybody needs their space and "me-time," but when you're not all together, it feels like something is missing. If one friend is absent from a day at Central Perk, you can tell almost instantly.

9. Their family treats you like one of their own

Your family knows that you and your friends are kind of a package deal. You spend family vacations, holidays and birthdays together.

10. You have weird conversations daily, but they don't seem weird anymore

We all have at least that one friend for who it seems perfectly normal if they say something random or unexpected. Sure, at first it doesn't seem to make sense, but you've learned that this is just an everyday interaction. Who knows? You may be that friend and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.

11. You don't remember what your life was like before they were your friend

Do you remember a time when Rachel and Monica were not best friends? I sure don't. What did you do with your free time before you met your best friend? I, for one, have no idea what I did. (Just kidding! I was probably watching "Friends" but the rest is a blur.)

12. You start to pick up each other's mannerisms and catchphrases

Whether it's a "how you doin," a verse of "Smelly Cat" or even the classic "oh. my. god," friends somehow find themselves stealing each others quirks. Could this friendship BE anymore perfect?

13. Insults are just terms of endearment because you're just that close

We have all greeted a friend with an insult and, though strangers may think you're completely out of line, you know your friend will reply with something equally as witty.

14. Arguments never last long

Everybody argues. That's what happens when you spend a lot of time together and have different personalities. Unless it's the everlasting "we were on a break" argument, fights can't keep friends apart for too long.

15. Their house is your house and their stuff is your stuff

If you're willing to share food, that's the sign of a beautiful friendship. Everyone had a key to Monica's apartment so your friends might as well get a key to your place.

16. They really do bring out the best in you

The greatest kind of friends are the kind that accept you for every little inch of you. No matter what happens throughout the day, no matter the distance or the amount of time spent apart, some friendships are forever.

17. You have more memories than you can even begin to count

Do find yourself constantly saying "do you guys remember when...?" I know I'm guilty of this with my best friend. The memories are endless and you can always have a good laugh with your friends about them. The good, the bad, and the ugly. (Unless of course, you said the wrong name on your wedding day, but that only happened once. Right Ross?) With your friends, it's always a good time looking back on all of the amazing times you've had together.

18. They'll be there for you cause you're there for them too

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