Want to hear a joke about staccato? Nevermind, it's too short.

Wait, want to hear a joke about fermatas? Nevermind it's too long...

Despite all these violin puns and jokes, there are some things we simply to have to endure every time we open that case and pop on a shoulder rest.

All hail to violinists, who just have life a little too hard.

1. When a fresh cloud of rosin rises from your violin under the light

2. When your sheet music falls off your stand because there are just too many pages

3. When you accidentally play on the rest

4. When you go for an audition but your bow just suddenly has a mind of its own

5. When you're too scared to tune your E-string just in case it snaps

6. When your bow hair gets caught in your violin case and a handful simultaneously snaps

7. When you're playing a really fast piece but you start squeaking at the string crossings

8. When you don't practice your concert music and your conductor wonders why you can't lead your section

9. When you accidentally drop your rosin and your heart shatters into a million pieces

10. When your shoulder rest comes off in the middle of a piece

11. When you've eaten your banana but your hands still shake

12. When you take the effort to bring your instrument to class but then you realize you don't need it

13. When you record yourself playing and you realize just how bad you sound

14. When you forget to strap your violin in and you hear it tumbling inside

15. When your instrument gets out of tune in two seconds in the winter

16. When your peg doesn't stay

17. When your teacher gets mad at you for not using a full bow