We all know it. That slump we hit when school is out for the summer and you don't have the constant schedule to keep yourself in check. When you have all this free time, what exactly are you supposed to do? Here are some things we've all probably said when we're bored over the summer.

1. "I'm so bored."

2. "Where's the food?"

3. "What can I binge watch next?"

4. "Where are all my friends?!"

5. "Why doesn't anybody love me?!"

6. "I wish I was back at college."

7. "There is literally NOTHING to do."

8. *Lies down and stares at the ceiling*

9. *Furiously texts everyone to see what they are doing*

10. "Maybe I'll go on a road trip."

11. "Wait, I don't have any money."

12. "Maybe I'll just go bowling."

13. "Wait, I still don't have any money."

14. "I have nothing to do."

15. "Maybe I'll just nap my days away."

16. "Wow, I never noticed that face in the ceiling before."

17. "My life is over."