17 Things I've Never Done at 23
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17 Things I've Never Done at 23

I can't check off these on the list of adulthood

17 Things I've Never Done at 23

I am about to turn 23-years-old this summer and I've noticed how some people react when I tell them I've never done this or that. Yet, a lot of things just aren't always at the top of my important list to do. Being in college, working, and trying to take care of my present self is what matters most to me. And I know there may seem like there are some expectations people should reach when they are in theirs 20s, but I would like to show that that's not always the truth. Your life is different from everyone else's, and it's your choice to pick the pace. It shouldn't matter when, or how it happens, as long as you are happy and feel secure enough to do it. So here's some of my never have I ever moments.

1. Played "Never Have I Ever"

Yes that game where you hold up all ten fingers and ask questions until the one with no fingers left up losses. Or something like that, I wouldn't know because I've never played.

2. Had a savings account

It's at this point in life where people are getting a savings account or have had one. Sorry to be a disappointment, but I can still save money in other ways.

3. Gotten a new car

Throughout high school and college I see people drive by in brand new, shiny cars. But that's not a priority to me. I'm fine with anything that gets to point B.

4. Bought/owned a house

I have more bills than I can afford somethings, so yeah I may be living with my parents for awhile. But that's no problem, they don't mind, and if everyone helps out, it's not such a bad idea.

5. Had a roommate

Well since I live at home, I can say I've never had to deal with roommates, or have lived on, or near campus. Which I guess is a good thing because I've never dealt with roommate drama.

6. Started a 401k

I don't even work a job that offers any type of retirement plan.

7. Had a fancy career or business

I work a part time job to help pay for college expenses and I will not graduate for another 2 years. So, I can mark out having a huge business empire by the age of 20-years-old.

8. Been engaged or married

I love scrolling through my Facebook feed and seeing all my lovely friends getting married, but it is not happening to me any time soon.

9. Got my Driver's License

It's just one of those things that I've never had time to get and there's free bus services on campus anyways.

10. Had sex

Yeah here's a big shocker. It's my own choice. I am waiting until marriage, and I know a few people that are doing the same. It's nothing new, and it shouldn't be a thing to shame on.

11. Been to a frat party (Or any party)

I'm more of a hang out and chill person. But that's another thing that shouldn't be a bad thing, I'm happily okay with not passing out drunk around random strangers.

12. Bought cigarettes

Not a smoker and I do not support it.

13. Joined Greek life

Movies set up this stereotype of joining some crazy group where parties and drinking happen all the time. One that doesn't always happen and two you don't have to be a part of Greek life to enjoy college.

14. Flown in an airplane

I've never even been further than states that touch South Carolina, or a field trip in 5th grade to Washington D.C.

15. Gone skinny dipping

Or any kind of crazy thing like in the "22 Jump Street" or "Neighbors."

16. Skipped a class

Never have I ever skipped class in high school or college, except once for a class I was planning to drop anyways. But it was to get work done for another class.

17. Run a mile everyday

Or any amount of miles everyday for that matter. Yes health is a concern for me, but I just don't have time or energy to run, work out all the time.

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