17 Things All College Students Do Over Winter Break

17 Things All College Students Do Over Winter Break

It's only a matter of time before we go back to campus!


It's hard to adjust to home life after being at school for so long. Some people will settle into their old routines and their parents' home cooking as if they never left. Others will continue staying up until 3 a.m. and will eat junk from the nearest convenience store. Either way, there are a few things that all college students do while they are home for winter break.

1. Sleep!

2. Lounge around in pajamas and not shower for at least a day.

3. Half-unpack their clothes so they'll be living out of their dresser and duffel bag for the next month.

4. Exchange Christmas presents with friends from high school.

5. Go to the movies.

6. Go back to work at the job they had in high school.

7. Revel in the fact that they have a full fridge at home, but lament the idea that they have to make their own food.

8. Get all of their doctor appointments out of the way until summer vacation.

9. Text their roommates constantly to tell them how much they miss them.

10. Travel to see family.

11. Fight their siblings for the shower/bathroom.

12. Apply for jobs or internships.

13. Find something new to watch on Netflix and blaze through it in three days.

14. Watch only the Christmas episodes of their favorite shows.

15. Sit on the couch and watch Christmas movies for 24 hours.

16. Wish for snow to come.

17. Count down the days until they go back to their campus.

How have you spent your time home so far?

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