19 Struggles Only TRUE Washingtonians Understand

Washington State is extraordinary. We have Seattle, Mt. Rainier, the Columbia River, the Gorge, Spokane and everything in between. Our culture is unique: filled with grunge, progressiveness, and diversity. I grew up in Southeastern Washington and then moved to Northwestern Washington and I love this state, but honestly, living here comes with its own set of problems.

1. People think you're from Washington D.C.

For some reason, it really grinds my gears that I have to say Washington State whenever I leave the West Coast.

2. Wearing wet jeans all day because umbrellas are a social taboo.

Rain jackets are amazing but they need to go down to your ankles to really protect you from Mother Nature.

3. "Oh, so you must be really used to the rain."

Yes, Karen. It does rain a lot. Thank you for reminding me.

4. I-5 traffic.

Traffic begins at all times of the day, every day.


I do not understand why they insist on crossing the border every weekend simply so that they can hoard up on milk from Costco.

6. Getting lumped in with California.

OK. I get that we are the West Coast (best coast) but for the love of God, do not lump in my flannel, rolled up mom jeans, funky socks and high top converse in with valley girls who bleach their hair until it falls out.

7. No one knows there is a desert in Washington.

Granted it is a little confusing that we are the Evergreen State.

8. Forgetting what the sun looks like from September to July.

It just seems like there is always water falling from the sky.

9. People from out of state assume you're always stoned.

We get it. We started a national trend but that doesn't mean we are all stoners. (I mean we are but that doesn't mean you have to point it out.)

10. The streets are littered with hipsters.

Ironically, it's pretty mainstream to not be mainstream here.

11. Other states make fun of you for saying "pop."

OK, Georgia. Don't act like saying "coke" isn't confusing as shit.

12. Everyone on your street has the same car as you.

I am talking about Subarus.

13. If you don't live in King County, you consider not even voting.

They have final say, always.

14. You can't eat seafood anywhere else.

Why do other states think frozen fish is edible?

15. You get scared driving in the middle of nowhere AKA Eastern Washington.

THERE IS NOTHING OUT THERE! What if your car breaks down?!

16. You are used to having deer on your lawn.

My roommate is from California and she takes pictures of deer in our yard at least once a week to send to her family.

17. People constantly ask about "Twilight" and "Grey's Anatomy."

OK, these shows are based here but literally no Washingtonian cares.

18. Washington has the best hiking trails but it's always raining.

It's torture being able to see Mt. Rainier from essentially every corner of the state and not being able to hike it most of the time.

19. One day it's snowing, the next it's sunny, and then it's raining.

Can Mother Nature just make up her mind?

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