17 Signs He's A F*ckboy

Oh, we all know the type. He cares more about his sneaker collection than he does about you, and he loves bathing in Axe body spray. You constantly wonder if you're the only girl he's into. And 99 percent of the time, you're fed up with his "f*ckboy antics." Yet you're still letting him string you along. Here are 17 signs you've got a f*ckboy on your hands.

  1. He calls all his exes or previous hookups "crazy"
  2. You’re constantly texting him first
  3. And if he does hit you up first, it’s usually late at night, or whenever "he’s bored"
  4. His favorite type of a date is "Netflix and chill"
  5. He loves wearing his Timberland boots
  6. And wearing his cap backward
  7. You’re confused about whether you’re dating him or just hooking up with him because he won’t "define the relationship"
  8. He’s as romantic as a potato
  9. When he gets bored of you, he’ll hook up with your friend
  10. He only pretends to care about you
  11. He doesn’t believe in hand-holding
  12. Basically you’re just friends in public, and more than friends when alone
  13. He makes you feel like you owe "favors" when you don't
  14. He doesn’t care about making you feel special
  15. He’s super flaky about everything
  16. He’s constantly putting women down and disrespecting them
  17. He thinks he’s Kanye
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