17 Questions You Should Be Ready To Answer In Job Interviews
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17 Questions You Should Be Ready To Answer In Job Interviews

Some of these you just can't prepare for.

17 Questions You Should Be Ready To Answer In Job Interviews
Kelsey Dietrich

Job interviews can be nerve-wracking, especially when you do not know what the interviewer is going to ask you. In looking for a summer job over the last few weeks, I have compiled a list of the questions I was asked during the interview process. Sometimes, there are very basic questions regarding the connection between the job and your future aspirations or inquiring about the skills that you can bring to the position.

Other times, there are some very unique questions that you can probably never prepare for. Nonetheless, here are 17 questions that I have been asked during interviews.

1. If somebody asked you to tell them about yourself, what would you say?

2. If you were given instructions to complete a task a certain way and you thought that there was a better way to complete the task, what would you do?

3. What is your proudest moment?

4. When was a time that you failed?

5. How did you handle that failure?

6. When was a time that you had to use your personal judgment to make a major decision?

7. How does this position line up with your future professional/career/life goals?

8. What motivates you to achieve your goals?

9. If you were a nostalgic kids' toy, what would you be?

10. What is one reason why we should hire you for this position?

11. What is one reason why we should NOT hire you for this position?

12. How well do you collaborate in groups of people?

13. Can you work independently?

14. If there is ever downtime during the shift, what will you do?

15. What does a perfect day at this job look like for you?

16. If you were a crayon, what color would you be?

17. Who do you admire and why?

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