17 Hannah Montana Songs You Need To Listen To Today
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17 Hannah Montana Songs You Need To Listen To Today

These songs are "one in a million."

17 Hannah Montana Songs You Need To Listen To Today

Let's take a trip down memory lane to a time before the VMA performance that would make the world momentarily stop turning happened, back to the days before the twerking, the infamous buns, and the stealing of the heart of our future husband Liam Hemsworth. I'm talking back to the era of Hannah Montana, our middle school hero who inspired us to live a double life and wear sparkly shrugs as much as possible. Commemorate your golden days of pink Motorola Razrs and Club Penguin addiction by listening to these classic jams for the millionth time because you know, "Hannah Montana Forever":

1. "Nobody's Perfect."

Why it was your favorite song to come on at your middle school homecoming dance: You could bust out the classic Hannah Montana hip shake and impress your crush with your sick moves.

Most memorable line: "Everybody makes mistakes. Everybody has those days."

2. "The Best Of Both Worlds."

Why this song instantly makes you smile: It reminds you that you're in for 30 minutes of Hannah saying "sweet niblets" and Lola trash talking Traci (you still hate her too).

Most memorable line: "Is that Orlando Bloom?"

3. "He Could Be The One."

Why this song will keep you up all night: You still can't decide if you're Team Jake or Team Jesse. Can Miley keep one and you keep the other?

Most memorable line: "He's got something special, and when he's looking at me I wanna get all sentimental."

4. "Bone Dance."

Why you love and hate this song so much: 1. You used it to study for that freshman year biology test on anatomy. 2. You're still bitter that she didn't actually teach you all 206 bones.

Most memorable line: "Bone thugs in the house."

5. "Hoedown Throwdown."

Why you definitely just stood up and did the entire dance: "The Hannah Montana Movie" was one of the greatest highlights of your childhood. You and your best friends definitely watched it and learned the dance together at a sleepover.

Most memorable line: "Pop it, lock it, polka dot it."

6. "True Friend."

Why you instantly thought of your middle school BFF: You 100 percent quoted a lyric from this song in a caption for a Myspace photo of you and her. She was always in your top eight.

Most memorable line: "We sign our cards and letters BFF."

7. "Rock Star."

Why this song caused fights in middle school: The boys in your grade always argued that "Party Like a Rockstar" was the cooler song. As if. You were the master of the 2007 music scene.

Most memorable line: "Tai Chi practices, snowboard champion. I can fix the flat on your car."

8. "One in a Million."

Why you hate (but secretly love) it when someone says that something is one in a million: You can't this song out of your head for a week straight.

Most memorable line: "There was more than just chemistry, I mean I knew you were kind of into me."

9. "If We Were a Movie."

Why this song still gives you all the feels: It makes you wish even more than you already do that your life was a Nicholas Sparks movie, but without all the deaths and heartbreaks.

Most memorable line: "Fade to black. Show the names. Play that happy song."

10. "Just Like You."

Why this song makes you love Hannah: She's just so relatable. She's just like me. Well...me if I had money, a famous dad, and that insane closet of hers.

Most memorable line: "I got everything I've always wanted. I'm living the dream."

11. "The Other Side of Me."

Why this song makes you question everything: How did none of her classmates realize that she was Hannah Montana? I mean she literally is singing it out to them. Not to mention her terrible disguise. It's just a wig.

Most memorable line: "The other side...the other side. The other side of me."

12. "Who Said."

Why this song made you dream big: Your middle school self was set to become the president after one listen to this song. Also, now that you think of it, "Who Says" by Selena Gomez is a total knockoff of this original.

Most memorable line: "Who said, who said I can't be Superman. I say, I say that I know I can."

13. "Make Some Noise."

Why you this song makes you believe that Hannah Montana lives on forever: She promised you she'd be there with you all of the way.

Most memorable line: "Don't let anyone tell you that you're not strong enough."

14. "I Got Nerve."

Why you can thank this song for your spring break bod: It inspire you to take that kickboxing class even though your schedule is insane.

Most memorable line: "I got nerve (I got I got I got)."

15. "Life's What You Make It."

Why you're still a little bitter with Hannah: She said she knows that you want to party with her, but she still hasn't gotten back to you on the time or location of said party. It's been nine years.

Most memorable line: "Life's what you make it, so let's make it rock."

16. "This Is the Life."

Why this song gives you major fashion envy: You can never forget the killer shades she wore while performing this song at night on the show.

Most memorable line: "This is the life! Hold on tight!"

17. "I'll Always Remember You."

Why you can't make it through this song without finishing an entire box of Kleenex: It reminds you that your childhood (and "Hannah Montana") are over. Why did she have to go through all the clothes? I'm crying just writing this...

Most memorable line: "The times that we had I'll keep like a photograph and hold you in my heart forever. I'll always remember you."

Hannah Montana Forever.

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