I was at work today (the beginning of the new year) and one of my co-workers said that they create 17 goals (aka resolutions) for 2017 with their family. She explained that as a goal is completed you cross it off the list and at the end of the year, you see how many you accomplished. So, I decided to try this out and as this will be published online for anyone to read (so you'll be able to hold me accountable to these). We'll revisit these at the end of the year to see how I did.

(Side note: these are not ranked/ not in any particular order)

But for now, here are my 17 goals for 2017

1. Drink more H2O!

2. Find a quote of the day. As I picked up hand lettering at the end of 2016, I plan to find a quote to inspire my day and write out.

(Day 1: Have Courage & Be Kind -Cinderella)

3. Read 52 books (avg.1 book/week, but we'll see how that goes).

4. Explore a small town.

5. Create 17 DIY's.

6. Become tidier - clear clutter and organize!!

7. Find a pen pal! (If you're looking for one, email me @ liana.bustamante@gmail.com!!)

8. Eat Breakfast.

9. Attend Lots o' Concerts!

(Try to find me!! Hint: I'm wearing a pink party hat :D)

10. Attempt to sleep (more) / Find myself a sleep schedule.

11. Make my bed everyday.

12. Apply for at least 3 scholarships a week!

13. Create schedules and manage time.

14. Keep a journal for doodles, notes, dreams (from sleep).

15. Bake an apple pie, entirely from scratch!

16. Disneybound once a week (or 52 times).

17. Be happy & positive!!

2017, LETS DO THIS!!