17 Dog Names Millennial Dog Owners Grew Up With, And The Kind Of Dog They Are
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17 Dog Names Millennial Dog Owners Grew Up With, And The Kind Of Dog They Are

Loyal or trash destroyer?

17 Dog Names Millennial Dog Owners Grew Up With, And The Kind Of Dog They Are
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Ah, yes. Man's best friend, the dog. Every dog is a little different, which is pretty cool, unless of course you end up with the dog who tears up trash all over the house...

1. Max

Obedient and sweet, he's the perfect family dog.

2. Buddy

The "forever a puppy" dog. He's full of tail wags and joy.

3. Rover

Jumps on every person he encounters. In the tackle way, not the cute way.

4. Ollie

Jumps on every person he encounters. In the cute way, not the tackle way.

5. Molly

The biggest eyes you've ever seen on a dog. Sleeps most of the day, but still appreciates playing once in a while.

6. Charlie

Pooped in the neighbor's front yard. Could not care less.

7. Bailey

Brings the newspaper in every morning. Proceeds to play tug of war with the newspaper every morning.

8. Buster

You've had four different trash cans and he manages to figure out how to open and destroy every single one AND it's contents.

9. Daisy

An old soul, she just really appreciates a nap and a good ear rub.

10. Prince/Princess

Was named appropriately. Is very overprotective of their massive toy pile.

11. Duke

Favorite toy is a tennis ball. Loves running outside in any weather.

12. Rocky

Has a fascination with rolling in the mud. Doesn't care that you don't like it in the house.

13. Oscar

Overweight. Meal time is the only time of the day that his eyes are open.

14. Luna

Loves the water and collecting sticks. Buries things she finds in the backyard.

15. Spot

Cleverly named. Knows all the tricks. Watches TV with you and barks at the dogs on the screen.

16. Bella

Does not know how to control herself. Ever.

17. Scout

Whines every time you leave the house. Looks out the window until you come home.

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