17 Blogs Every Woman In College Needs To Read
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17 Blogs Every Woman In College Needs To Read

#all of them are the best

17 Blogs Every Woman In College Needs To Read

As a college student, I'm always looking for guidance. Whether that be for which essential oil would work best for me or for the essential sandals to wear this spring. Any ounce of help is much appreciated, and, personally, I get most of my help from the lovely (and vast) interwebs. And more precisely, from lifestyle bloggers on the interwebs. Here are 17 of the best blogs for college students looking for some words of wisdom from people that have already been there:

1. Smart Twenties

Personally, this is the blog I have benefitted from the most. The owner, Sam, offers extensive advice on many topics. I love her material on personal development and her podcast, in particular.

2. The Glitter Guide

The Glitter Guide has sooo many resources it's almost overwhelming at first. I recommend picking a topic and going through all of the posts/resources under that, and then keep doing that until you're through it all!

3. The Every Girl

This is another blog that I use when working on personal development of any sort. From finances to big life decisions, it is one of my go-to's.

4. Life Goals Mag

Ugh, this is gonna get repetitive, but this is an amazing blog. It is so easy to navigate and its content holds up even as years pass--which is certainly a hard feat to accomplish.

5. Lauren Conrad

Lauren's blog is just a classic; it had to be included here, am I right? Everything about it is wonderful and makes you feel like you have your life together even if just while reading about her "perfect" life.

6. Dip In My Hair

Okay, well, here's the thing (to quote Karen Kilgariff), this is my own, personal, blog. But, it is a breath of fresh air compared to other lifestyle blogs--I highlight my hot mess of a life and the trials and tribulations I got through on the daily. Check it out if you want to be reminded that no one has their shit together.

7. Advice From A Twenty Something

This blog showcases a bunch of different creators, and all of them deserve a place on this list, but there is just something about a collective blog. It might be the different voices and opinions? The world may never know. It is also nice to be getting advice from a "twenty-something".

8. Coffee With Summer

From what I can tell, Coffee With Summer is a one-woman show put on in a fantastic way. You can even (pay to) get her as your online life coach! And, from the posts I have already read, this would definitely not be a waste of your hard-earned coin. The only reason I haven't signed up is because I simply do not have coin.

9. Notes From Joana

Everything about Joana's blog is amazing. The site is aesthetically pleasing and her posts are #relevant to the average college student. 15/10 would read again.

10. Lost Gen Y Girl

This gal is real. And, as I mentioned earlier, a real blog is a better blog (not to say that none of the other blogs are not real). She highlights life as a new mother, gives lifestyle tips and advice.

11. Lydia Lois

Lydia's blog is my go-to for anything money. She presents her advice and financial blogs in a way that makes me, a financially incompetent college student, not feel dumb. Which is much appreciated.

12. The Skinny Confidential

This blog is a meeting place for any topic you could ever want. Beauty? Yes. Lifestyle? Yes. Recipes? YES. It's amazing to have tips for anything you could ever want in one place.

13. The Confused Millennial

To be honest, her URL is what drew me in at first. But, it was the blog posts that made me stay. It is refreshing to know that I'm not alone in being confused about being an adult.

14. The Wonder Forest

This blog is my go-to for anything and everything design and decoration. Although, the tips and reference pictures are a pipe-dream for a college student who lives in a dorm, they're still amazing.

16. Jenna Kutcher

This is a real gal. Also, she has a quiz that tells you your Secret Sauce. My Secret Sauce is Dream Weaver (I'm not sure how that's a sauce, but I like quizzes, okay?). If you decide to take the quiz, let me know what Secret Sauce you are.

17. Yetti Says

I love this blog so much!! My favorite series she does is her weekly check-ins where she outlines her goals from the previous week and talks about what she got done and what she didn't. It's certainly refreshing.

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