17 Awesome Things About Double Majoring At Mount Holyoke
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17 Awesome Things About Double Majoring At Mount Holyoke

People think you are an overachiever who totally has their life together

17 Awesome Things About Double Majoring At Mount Holyoke
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Last spring, I was conflicted. I wasn't sure if I should double major at Mount Holyoke or not. I really wanted to pursue both my interests and major in both English and Music, but I wasn't sure if I could handle the workload. A semester later, I've declared my majors, have plotted out all the requirement and are reasonably confident that I'll complete both majors. Here are 13 reasons I'm glad I double-majored.

A special shout-out to all my double majors out there, may you thrive and grow in both your majors!

1. You get your triumphant moment at the registar's office twice.

(or maybe an "Oh My! when they see multiple boxes checked off!)

2. You have two advisors in case anything goes wrong.

More smart people on your side is never a bad thing.

3. You get your exercise running in between two academic buildings.

My 8.5 minute scramble up the hill from the music building.

4. Or you're just lucky and dash in between floors.

Hello, my fortunate STEM friends living in the Clapp-Kendade complex.

5. Your homework comes in two formats so your brain doesn't feel like mush.

Would you like four-part harmony writing or essay writing this evening?

6. You can splash your two impressive skill sets all over that resume.

Oh yeah!

7. When people ask you what your major is, you dramatically say "blank AND blank!"

Totally guilty of this one!

8. People think you are a supercool overachiever who totally has their whole life together.

"How did you just walk on campus and start two majors like right away?"

9. You can have two "absolute favorite" professors because you live in two departments.

It's the truth!

10. You can find random ways to link them together.

I found a musical error in my literature text last night and was absolutely gleeful. Fa is the fourth degree of the musical scale not So.

11. You challenge your time management skills everyday.

"Perfect! It's 7pm and I only have 5 things left to do."

12. And your planning ability every registration week.

"So I have to take that weird class XYZ now because in two semesters I have to meet that requirement"

13. But you don't regret your choice to spend your time split between the two subjects you totally love.

This double major life forever!

(Or at least for the next 5 semesters...)

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