1) Don't be an idiot.

2) Listen to your mom. She's right.

3) Very few high school boys have good intentions.

4) Talk to your teachers more.

5) Family is more important than social events.

6) Pick friends who encourage you in your goals.

7) You really aren't a good driver.

8) Don't be stubborn.

9) It's okay to have feelings

10) Let people in on what you're passionate about.

11) Seriously, boys are DUMB.

12) If your grandmother makes homemade pizza, drop everything you're doing and go eat it.

13) Spend more time with your dad; He's a cool person.

14) Be a good example.

15) Tell Mrs. Jones that you love her every single day because the days that you don't see her every day are hard.

16) Let people know what they mean to you.

17) Branch out.

18) Play Lava in the hallway at least once a week.

19) Wear that dorky Christmas turtleneck in the middle of April.

20) Be brave.

21) Don't be mean to people who are mean to you.

22) Study.

23) Take PE just for fun.

24) Your sister actually loves you, even though she acts like a parental figure. It just means she cares.

25) That job that you have isn't stressful at all.

26) You don't have that much homework... just do it.

27) Don't get embarrassed if one day, you're mom still has to take you to school. BUT it's okay to get embarrassed if she honks.

28) Listen to your brother's music.

29) Although you'll meet all circles of friends, don't forget your inner circle. You guys won't be more together than you are now.

30) Cherish every single Christmas. Little do you know that when you're 20 years old, you won't have all of your family together for the first time in your life, and that's a tough pill to swallow.

31) Tell people what you like about them.

32) Remind your coaches that they made you better.

33) Take a nap.

34) Learn how to knit. It could be useful later.

35) Write a lot. Not even for everybody else, but do it for yourself.

36) Celebrate everybody's birthday, even if you barely know them.

37) Tell yourself all the things you love about yourself.

38) Show more people your wisdom teeth videos---they really are funny.

39) Don't walk in front of the TV when your brother is watching football; it really isn't funny.

40) Keep trying to convince your parents to get you another kitten.

41) Don't get caught up in things or even that one person who doesn't want to be your friend and you can't figure out why.

42) Start reminding yourself that you're a lot more than people in your hometown can grasp, and that's okay.

43) Be honest with everybody even if it's uncomfortable.

44) Don't forget to tell your family goodbye and that you love them every day you leave the house because one day, you'll be living somewhere they aren't and you'll never get that opportunity again.

45) Eat ice cream when you feel like it.

46) Embrace your childhood friendships.

47) Tell your friends and family that you're proud of them, and you wouldn't want anybody else's support in the world except theirs.