The 16 Realest Makeup Struggles
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The 16 Realest Makeup Struggles

Makeup is an art and we're all struggling artists.

The 16 Realest Makeup Struggles

I love makeup. I live for makeup. I honestly don't go anywhere without makeup. As a makeup addict, the struggle is real. Whether it's the stress caused by buying new products as they drop, or the constant reapplication of liquid lipstick, all of us have been there.

1. Basically all your transactions are makeup.

Your heart and eyes say yes, but your bank account tells you no.

2. No matter how many eye shadow palettes you have, there's always room for more.

The same goes for lipstick. So many shades, so little time.

Speaking of liquid lipstick....

3. Coloring inside the lines is such an important life skill

If you're not careful, you'll become a better looking Joker than Jared Leto was.

4. Your YouTube search history is all tutorials.

As soon as you open YouTube, the newest makeup-related videos fill the home screen.

5. If you ask to borrow red lipstick, I'll offer you 10 different shades and finishes.

Are you going for a classic matte? What about some glam with a little bit of glitter? Do you need poison apple red or a blood orange shade?

6. If you're not walking out of the makeup store with swatches up your arm, you're doing it wrong.

Good luck getting all of that off. Chances are you didn't buy a single one you swatched either.

7. Saturday is for the (washing of) brushes

Our game day consists of scrubbing relentlessly until the brushes look brand new.

8. Getting where you need to go takes forever because you stop anyone and everyone to complement them and ask what products they use.

9. Cleaning out your purse is like Christmas morning, or at least finding buried treasure.

It's like Mary Poppin's bag swallowed Sephora, Ulta and Mac.

10. Who knew eyebrows were so important?

If you're truly dedicated, you will do anything and everything to get that arch.

11. Winging eyeliner is a tedious, terrifying, and rarely rewarding experience.

Wait for the day you poke yourself in the eye with liquid eyeliner. Welcome death, darkness and what feels like fire in your eye.

12. If you do your makeup before you decide on an outfit, your options become extremely limited .

If you pick an outfit out first and then do your makeup, you'll most likely end up changing your outfit once your makeup is done. It's an uphill battle.

13. Sneezing while applying makeup is instant death.

I've ruined so many looks because the mascara was too close to my eye when allergens decided to ruin my life.

14. Even if you're not going anywhere, you still do your makeup because you're bored.

Once, I spent a good three hours doing my makeup over and over again because it had snowed and campus was closed.

15. Your friends get mad when you start blending their makeup and you're in public.

I'm not afraid to admit that I've reached over and blended makeup mid-conversation. I will do it to anyone who needs a blending hand.

16. Taking off your makeup at the end of the day is probably what a snake feels after it sheds it's skin.

It's like you're a new human who can also rub their eyes without looking like they have a black eye. It's also not good to sleep in your makeup. Great skin care is key for great makeup!!

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