16 Irrelevant, Yet Valuable Things You Learn When You Join A Sorority
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16 Irrelevant, Yet Valuable Things You Learn When You Join A Sorority

You are capable of more than you think.

16 Irrelevant, Yet Valuable Things You Learn When You Join A Sorority

When thinking about joining a sorority, we will tell you about all the wonderful things that you are about to become a part of and the many things that you will learn to help you grow as a person. However, after being almost two years into a sorority there are also so many irrelevant yet amazing life skills that you will learn from joining sorority life that you probably would have never guessed or learned anywhere else!

1. Becoming an absolute pro at driving in heels.

Don't underestimate me! Yes, my heels are high but I will get us there on time, don't you worry!

2. Changing in the car.

Majority of the time, we are so busy that we don't have enough to go home in change so we just learn to do it in the car. No biggie!

3. Living out of your car.

I could probably survive for about a week with all that is in my car. You need a hair brush? I got that. Dinner? I think there are some canned goods back there. A whole new outfit? Heck I got about five different options. I even have a soccer ball and the pump if you wanna get a quick workout in.

4. Ordering a shirt from an event in a large when you are a small is completely normal.

So comfy! And from what I hear, the no-pants look is totally in—don't worry, you don't look that homeless.

5. Learning to have a love/hate relationship with Facebook.

I love seeing what you're all up to showing you how much fun it looks like I'm having... but the 150+ group pages for different events and the thousands of notifications makes me want to hide under a rock.

6. My agenda is my life.

We all lead a busy life, so my color coded agenda goes with me everywhere! Yellow: Philanthropy events Blue: School Work Orange: Sisterhoods Pink: Work Schedule Purple: Nights out Green: Time I can get sleep? Yeah no I don't think I have time to sleep this week.

7. Learning to dress to theme.

We Greeks love our themed events! Which makes it all more fun! My mom wonders why I have a drawer with a poncho, fairy wings, bunny ears and a cat tail... I'm sure I can reuse them sometime in these next two years.

8. How to start a conversation with the girl in the Publix line.

If I can talk to hundreds of girls in recruitment, I can basically have a conversation with every and any stranger I see.

9. Carrying multiple bags around with you.

Who knows what I'm gonna wanna do next or when I'm gonna be home again so I gotta be prepared for anything!

10. Walking/ Standing in heels for hours.

Thank you again recruitment, you are probably for preparing me for a real office job one of these days.

11. Applying makeup at red lights.

I can go from 0 to 100 real quick! When you have to go straight from work to a sorority function. you learn to savor all the red lights you can to get that eyeliner on fleek!

12. How to sound really interested in something you couldn't care less about.

In recruitment you will talk to every kind of girl out there and sometimes you just gotta go with it.... "Wow, I love that you're a vegan! how did you start doing that?" (All I'm thinking about right now is where I can get a good steak after recruitment.)

13. Make a wooden paddle look like a masterpiece!

This was so boring before I added all this glitter and fun things! Martha Stewart, call me anytime you need help, I'm a pro!

14. How to paint a canvas in minimal amount of time.

Big/Little is wonderful and all—but ya girl has got 100 other things to do, and you probably will pass this thing on next year, anyway. Sorry, Little.

15. Organize 100+ girls for a picture.


And I'm sure that the list goes on...

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