16 Things Every New Fish Mom Experiences
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16 Stages Every New Fish Mom Goes Through Before Realizing Fish Don't Count As Pets

It's hard to connect with an animal that dies within the first three months.

16 Stages Every New Fish Mom Goes Through Before Realizing Fish Don't Count As Pets
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At this stage in my life, I am not a pet person.

I do not yearn to have the responsibility of taking care of an animal, especially when I am hardly ever actually in my apartment due to school.

However, one day, I suddenly got the idea that I would like to have a fish as a pet. No, I would really like to have a fish as a pet.

Things did not play out as I anticipated.

Here are the 16 stages you go through when you are a new fish mom.

1. I really want a fish! 

The initial thought...

2. Wow, there are so many beautiful fish to choose from!

The excitement browsing at the pet store...

3. Look at all the cool tank decorations!

The joy that you are filled with as you get to mix and match pebbles, statues, and fake plants to create the coolest environment for your new child...

4. This is it, this is my child!

The surrealness when you finally choose a fish...

5. It's how much?!

The shock when the cashier tells you the total...

6. I guess it will all be worth it. Kids are expensive!

The acceptance...

7. Everything fits so nicely inside!

The pleasure of setting up an aesthetic tank...

8. Why does my fish look like it's swimming into a wind tunnel?

The worry regarding the tank's filter...

9. He's just sitting in the corner.

The digust with reality...

10. All that money for this?

The regret of trying to be a pet mom...

11. So this is all it does?

The disappointment that occurs when the fish doesn't actually swim around the tank all day long...

12. He's dead already...

Just two days later.

13. Repeat items 1-11

I need to get a replacement fish because maybe this one was sick. Plus I need to get at least a little use out of this tank and decorations.

14. The second fish is doing much better!

See, I'm not a horrile mother!

15. Nevermind, the second one's dead too. 

He lasted a good three months though. I count that as a win.

16. I'm done with this fish mom thing. 

If anyone wants a fish tank and decorations, I've got one.

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