There’s always that one coworker; that one person who makes you want to pull out your hair and scream until your boss sends you home. How did they get this far in life being so inept and useless? How do they manage to screw up everything? How can one person make you not want to come into work as soon as you see that they are also working? These are the faces you’ll recognize when you interact with that one person.

1. When you walk into work and the first person you see is them.

2. They proceed to tell you all about their weekend, and you’re left wondering when you asked?

3. Then they ask a million questions which you just said the answer to.

4. After asking all the questions, they go ahead and mess it all up anyway.

5. Thinking about Monday and seeing them again has you feeling some kind of way.

6. After a while, this is the only face you can muster while communicating with them.

7. This is your reaction to your lunch break ending.

8. When your boss starts assigning team projects.

9. But of course you get paired with them.

10. After working for two hours, they have accomplished… nothing.

11. And honestly it’s all you can do to not kill them.

12. When you overhear another co-worker complaining about the person you hate.

13. The best part of your day is when the only other person you like comes in.

14. Basically anytime someone asks you how your day is going.

15. Finally, your boss sends you home early because they also hate your co-worker.

16. But then you remember you have to be back tomorrow.