15 Christmas Presents Under $15
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15 Christmas Gifts For Your Friends That Are Under $15

It's not about the money money money.

15 Christmas Gifts For Your Friends That Are Under $15

Christmas Season is finally among us and as jolly as it can be, it's also stressful. If you're anything like me you love spoiling people. I am a strong believer in that sentiment value is far more meaningful than the price tag. If you have a big friend group it can be hard to budget gifts for everyone. Here are 15 sentimental gifts you can give your friends this Christmas that won't break your bank.

1. Wine Glass With Monogram and Tissue Paper

Who doesn't love a good monogram item? You might be thinking this is an expensive gift. WRONG! Here's how to save money on this gift. Go to the Dollar Tree they sell plain wine glasses for just $1. Get Some Tissue paper and finally go on eBay for a customizable decal On Ebay Monograms are as little as $3 making this at most, a $5 gift that looks far more expensive.

2. Customized Bath Basket

We all need some self-care in our life what better way to relax than a nice scented bath. Here's how to make this gift affordable. Goodwill. Never underestimate second handed stores. Baskets at GoodWill are about $3. If you want something a little more new Ross and TJ Maxx usually have cute baskets under $5. The Dollar Tree is your best friend for ribbon and tissue and it works just the same. As far as bath bombs you can get them for $5 at Target. Throw in some face masks, sugar scrub, bath salts and you have a perfect holiday gift set.

3. Mason Jar of Goodies

Mason Jars are everything! Mason Jars are only $1 at the Dollar Tree or you Or you can get a set of 12 for $10 at Target and use them for multiple people. Here's how to save money on this cute idea. You can easily by the mix yourself if you are not good at making desserts from scratch which is as little as $1 per box. If you don't feel like baking you can buy a bag of candy or peppermints to put in the jar and tie a ribbon around the jar. Just about anything can go into a mason jar and afterward this jar can be used for endless options.

4. Monogram Necklace

For Just $6.29 you can get a personalized necklace for your friend on Ali Express. I have ordered off this site for many of my friend's necklaces and myself and the material never turns your neck green!

5. Winter Essentials

I don't know about you but I love getting fuzzy socks, gloves, and scarves for Christmas (mostly because I hate buying these tedious things for myself). We may have hated getting these things for Christmas as kids but it's honestly so amazing now. Target has fuzzy socks for just $3 or you can go to Forever 21 for a set of two for $4. Gloves and Scarves are in a $5-$10 price range and it doesn't have to be anything fancy. Keep your loved ones warm this season with this gift!.

6. Shadow Box

Shadow Boxes are beyond cute and adorable to be set on a shelf or on a wall. This box can consist of pictures, tickets or even a sentimental note. These boxes are only $6 at Michael's.

7. Candle(s)

Candles are absolutely one of my favorite gifts to give to people especially for winter because your place can smell like Gingerbread or Vanilla Bean. Though they give little heat they are pleasing to the eye. Keep them warm in your hearth with a sweet scented candle.

8. Phone Case and Pop Socket

Who doesn't love a new phone case and pop socket? This gift is can be as little as $10 on sites like Amazon, Target, Walmart, eBay and much more. So now you can protect them and their phone!

9. Make-Up

Never Underestimate Elf products. Elf products are a perfect little gift to avoid splurging on cosmetics. Since New Years is right after Christmas you can get a nice lip gloss or glittery stick that can be used for the event. You can even get a few new brushes from Romwe that have cute designs, these brushes are as little as $2!

10. Coffee Pods and Coffee Mug

Most of my friends are coffee addicts so buying their favorite coffee k-pods and coffee mugs are such a perfect gift! These coffee pods range from $5-$10 depending on the brand and you can get a cute coffee mug from 5 Below, Walmart, Dollar Tree, Ross or any online site.

11. Sherpa Throw Blanket

Sherpa blankets are beyond comfy and perfect for winter cuddles. These blankets are only $10 at Walmart or $14 at Target!

12. Calligraphy Board

Calligraphy is such a cute style, especially on a wooden board. At Walmart, the boards are only $5 and you can get these at many other places such as Hobby Lobby, Target and Michael's. Calligraphy pens are also only $7 at Target. Share what your friend means to you with fancy word art!

13. Pajamas

Ditch the oversize tee for one night and get your friend a cute PJ set. PJs are also one tedious thing that can be annoying to buy for yourself. Who doesn't love a cute set? Pj sets are very popular during the Christmas season and are very affordable. And you can easily score them for under $15.

14. Target Gift Card

Target is almost every girl's go-to place. If you are unsure or on the fence about a gift a gift card never fails. This way they can get exactly what they want.

15. Mugs

Mugs are the perfect gift for the holidays because where else are you going to put your Hot Coco? You can even purchase your own decal on eBay for $1-$3! Mugs are sold almost everywhere for under $15.

To expand your gift giving ideas visit these stores and sites: Amazon, 5 and Below, Dolar Tree, Hobby Lobby, Target, Michaels, Ali Express, Ross and Tj Maxx.

Remember it's not about the price tag, but the thought you put into the gift!

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