Whether it be a novel, article, or paper for school, most everyone can agree that writing is a struggle. For some, it comes naturally; for others, not so much -- but it's tedious work regardless. Late nights of endless coffee and pencil-tapping overtake a writer's lifestyle, though we wouldn't have it any other way. Nonetheless, there are 15 struggles (to name a few) that most writers are all too familiar with:

1. Our work always starts out ugly.

But with time... a lot of time... it might be acceptable.

2. We're always our own worst critic.

3. It's why we don't really like sharing.

4. And when we actually think we're finished, we obsessively search for what we missed.

5. So, we never fear the red ink.

If an editor is good at their job, they will always have constructive feedback.

6. We consistently say things verbally, then think, “wow, I could have phrased that a lot better.”

If only you could edit and revise conversations.

7. We know we may not be very successful.

But it’s okay, because we don’t write just for money.

8. A lot of our time spent secluded in our rooms is spent thinking and brainstorming rather than actually writing.

9. And most of what we do write gets erased shortly after.

10. Writing something down makes it more real, in a way.

This can be a good thing... and a bad thing. Sometimes, it's easier to leave thoughts spiraling around in your head. But these thoughts can also inspire beautiful words.

11. Hence, with great power, comes great responsibility.

12. Some words will always be pleasing to use.

The phrase “aesthetically pleasing” is in itself aesthetically pleasing.

13. Not everybody will understand why you enjoy writing so much.

14. But it's okay, because we don't really understand why people like math so much.

15. A story will never exist until we write it down.

If you don't write your story, then who will?