15 Thoughts You Have While Walking To Class

15 Thoughts You Have While Walking To Class

When you're on a campus as big as mine, a number of thoughts will go through your mind as you walk to class.

Hannah Lunsford

1. Gosh, I should’ve worn more comfortable shoes. I can’t believe I ever said “cute over comfy.”

2. Heaven forbid I wear short shorts or else I’ll be chaffed #ChubRubProbs

3. Since when are there so many hills? I'm pretty sure I’m not in the mountains.

4. WHY are there so many stairs?

5. Man, I hope my stomach doesn’t growl in class.

6. AHHH don’t look it’s the boy you danced with the other night! HEAD DOWN! HEAD DOWN!

7. Maybe the professor won’t show up and I can go back and lay down.

8. I just woke up and I’m already tired.

9. I hope no one notices my heavy breathing and panting.

10. I should’ve packed an extra change of clothes because I am SWEATING!

11. I really need coffee if I’m planning on staying awake in this class.

12. Please tell me that cute boy did not just see me trip over that brick!

13. If that skateboarder gets any closer to me I WILL push him!

14. Look how cute that girl is and look how gross I look right now. WHY CAN’T WE JUST ALL LOOK UGLY TOGETHER?

15. Oh man, this means I'm one class closer to the weekend!!!

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