15 thoughts while getting eyebrows threaded
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15 thoughts Every College Girl Has While Getting Her eyebrows threaded

Why Is Nature So Cruel To Me?

15 thoughts Every College Girl Has While Getting Her eyebrows threaded

Beauty is pain. Unfortunately, it's the bitter truth when it comes to getting your eyebrows threaded. The lengths that we are willing to go to just to attain the perfect cluster of brow hairs. Eyebrows are all the rage these days and most people know how to shape their brows into beautiful, angular gems. Unfortunately, those of us who don't know how to handle their own brows by either drawing them or plucking them get them THREADED!

  1. Why am I doing this to myself on a regular basis?
  2. How can it hurt this much every time, you would think my body would have adapted to it?
  3. OMG did I just hear her snap the thread on my face!
  4. Why are my thighs already clammy?
  5. Am I the only that irrationally thinks she's gonna miss my brows and thread my lashes?
  6. I wish I was skilled enough to be able to draw my own eyebrows.
  7. Wtf, she's threading my forehead all the way to my hairline!
  8. Should I just invest in tweezers and pluck them myself?
  9. Nope, I don't have the courage to self-tweeze.
  10. Why does this feel like it's been going on forever
  11. Why is she being so meticulous about every hair?
  12. I lowkey feel this could be a form of torture.
  13. Oh good god, she's coming out with the aloe vera.
  14. It feels so good on my face, I kind of like the sting.
  15. I have to come back literally in 2 weeks and its still gonna hurt a lot.


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