15 Everyday Thoughts Your Barista Has
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15 Everyday Thoughts Your Barista Has

It never ends.

15 Everyday Thoughts Your Barista Has

There are some jobs that are considered easy, and some that are considered hard.

For the most part, minimum wage jobs are not considered hard, which is fair. They do tend to be beginner jobs.

However, customer service can be a major pain the a*s. Not everyone can be pleased, even with the best possible service. This can take a toll on someone who is working customer service every day.

One of these jobs is being a barista. Customer service is difficult in general, but being one of the first people that customers see at the start of their day is worse.

I don't know about everyone, but if I do not get my caffeine in the morning I turn into this groggy, scary sort of monster that no one wants to encounter.

As a barista, you are constantly encountering those caffeine deprived monsters. Let me tell you, it isn't pretty.

Since it was popular a year ago, I decided to bring it back. Here are 15 more thoughts your local barista has daily:

1. Do I have "tell me all your life problems" tattooed on my forehead or something, because I am starting to wonder if I should be getting paid to be a barista and a therapist?

2. "24 oz. non-fat mocha with whip," is not a nice response to, "Hi! How are you today?"

3. Yes, 10 pumps of syrup is too much for a 20 oz drink.

4. When a customer pulls up to your window, and points across the room at your co-worker and goes, "she knows my drink."

5. Or when you are covering for another barista and one of their regulars say's that the girl that usually works knows their drink:

6. This isn't Starbucks. We do not have tall, grande, or venti. Nor do we have small, medium, or large. We do, however, have cups ranging from 8-32 oz.

7. If you're wondering why your drink costs so much money, it's probably the specialty milk, white coffee, and additional flavors you ordered.

8. I know it's cold, but if I can't shut my window, you can't roll up yours (well, you can but it's mean.)

9. I really could have gone my whole day without hearing your phone call with your gyno on speaker phone.

10. As much as I care about what you have to say, you got your drink three minutes ago and there are five cars behind you. Drive!

11. Please know what you are going to order when you get to the window.

12. If you hear me saying random "yeah's" and "oh really's," it is because I cannot hear you over the grinder or the blender.

13. When you tell a customer the total and they say they only have three dollars:

14. If you show up two minutes before closing and say, "Oh, I'm sorry! Looks like you're all cleaned up," and continue to order, I do not accept your apology.

15. If you're nice to me, it will make my job easier.

Be kind to your local barista!

Please, I am begging you.

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