15 Things You Know If People ALWAYS Think You And Your Sister Are Twins

15 Things You Know If People ALWAYS Think You And Your Sister Are Twins

"Wow, you two look so much alike! Are you twins?"

My sister and I are 2 years apart. But since we were old enough to stand next to each other, people have thought we that we were twins. Whether we were little kids or college students, people have always had a hard time believing we were 2 years apart. If you and your sister look a lot alike, you'll understand.

1. People ask if you are twins all the time

You probably have the same hair color and similar heights, automatically leading people to assume that you are just normal sisters.

2. You've definitely told people you were and never corrected them

"Are you twins?" "Yep." (This joke was especially funny when you were kids. You thought you had SHOOK them.)

3. You actually don't think you look anything alike

You definitely understand why people think it, but since you've had your face your whole life and have looked at your sister's too, you know that you actually don't look much alike.

4. Wearing similar outfits basically makes you identical

There have been times you have walked downstairs in too similar an outfit and knew you would have to change so you didn't look like identical twins.

5. People often mistake you for one another

You've had entire conversations with someone where you were incredibly confused and then were like... Oh, they think I am her.

6. You were dressed the exact same for 90% of your childhood

There must have been some mad buy-one-get-one deals when you were a kid, because your mother THRIVED on putting you two in identical outfits.

7. Neither of you actually look like your parents

This may not be a universal thing, but my sister and I look a lot like one another and pretty much nothing like our mom and dad.

8. You could get away with swapping IDs pretty easily

When I was underage, all I heard was, "just use your sister's ID!" (Don't worry, mom, I didn't.)

9. You actually take it as a compliment that someone thinks you would be twins with your sister

There are definitely worse people to be compared to.

10. Other siblings you have look nothing like you

If you have other siblings, everyone always asked the old, "was (s)he adopted?!" because they looked nothing like you. (Bonus points if you actually tried to tell your sibling they were adopted.)

11. Teachers always called you by your sister's name

If you were the older one, you got to be called by your own name. If you were the younger one, have fun assuming a new identity for the year.

12. If one of you changed something about you, people stopped questioning your twin-ness

As soon as a hair color was changed, nobody actually thought you looked like twins anymore.

13. You used to wish that you were actual twins

We grew up with Mary-Kate and Ashley movies: Being twins was ALL the rage. (Pictured here: Me with an actually broken arm. My sister with a fake cast on so we could have broken arms together.)

14. You probably have the same good side

I mean, you're twins, right? Makes sense that you would have the same good side. This leads to a lot of negotiations and a lot of back-to-front photos for compromise.

15. You wouldn't want to be fake twins with anyone else

A lifetime of telling people you aren't twins is made entirely worth it when you get to have such an awesome sister by your side.

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To My Younger Sister And Best Friend

I'm never too far.


I knew it would be hard when I left for college, but I miss you more than I could miss anything on this earth.

I miss our car rides and jam sessions. I miss picking you up from school and Dunkin' dates. I miss sleepovers and Sunday morning breakfast. I miss movie nights and binge watching tv shows. I miss our spontaneous adventures and our nights-in together. I miss your smile and your laugh. I miss living with you. I miss being by your side and watching you grow up.

And now you're at the end of middle school and heading to high school. Well, let me tell you, high school is something else. It'll be the place where you have good friends, bad friends, good teachers, and bad teachers.

High school is the start of learning who you are and who you want to be. It's a time where "fitting in" seems like the biggest feat. It's a time where you'll find your strengths and a time where you'll find your weaknesses. Both are truly important, I promise. It's a time of community and embracing your uniqueness.

So, here's my big sis survival guide:

Don't be too hard on yourself.

It's so easy to be your own biggest critic. Living in a performance-based environment makes it hard to not compare and fall into a degrading mindset. But, live life day by day and enjoy the time you have. It goes by so unbelievably fast. You'll one day be looking back and asking where it all went. Take advantage of the opportunities, teachers, clubs, and people that come with the rest of middle school and high school. I found my greatest relationships and memories when I let go of "what I didn't have" and embraced what I did have. Find those things that you do have and use them to achieve your goals.

Grades are not everything.

I know it seems like it now, but grades do not define you. I know it's easy to find your worth in your school performance, but that will not be constant for you, I promise. If you depend on your grades and let your grades affect your mood constantly, you'll never be satisfied. Failing is a part of life. I know you work so hard for the grades you receive, and I am so so proud of you for that. Embrace your failures and built on your mistakes. You can't change that one grade or assignment, but you can change how you will act and improve. Don't dwell on what you can't change. There is so much more to high school and the rest of your life than big red letters on your tests. Find consistent things and run after them because you will find more value and accomplishment in those, I promise.

Love yourself.

Remember, you are the only person that has to live with yourself for your entire life, physically and mentally. Look in the mirror and tell yourself who you are and who you are becoming. If you can't tell that to yourself, find people who can surround you with that truth. You are beautiful in so many ways and that will never change. I know from experience that putting yourself down does more than lower your self-esteem. Your motivation goes down, it gets easier to isolate and that's what lies feed on. Lies feed on silence and find power in your isolation. You are worth so much more than you know. You have so many people that love you regardless of flaws or mistakes you have made. Embrace their mindset as your own. Tell yourself in the mirror that you are loved. And if you want to know more about how much you're worth, go to Young Life and listen to their truth as your own. I promise you that your life will be changed just as much as mine has.

Get connected.

Surround yourself with people who tell you the truth about yourself. Finding who you are and who you want to be comes with surrounding yourself with people who encourage you. Not only encourage you to reach your goals but love you as you are, even when you don't. Community is so important when the stress kicks in of school, family, friends, etc. Young Life was such a consistent and loving community that got me through the high school and the stress.

You don't have to please everyone.

Living to please everyone is exhausting. You will always filter what you say and second guess your actions towards the people you think "don't like you." But, know that you should be kind to everyone, regardless of who they are or what they think of you. Rise above that person's actions and words and be kind to them anyway. Be different and love people. Be who you are and don't let the disease to please tear you down.

Embrace who you are.

Don't change for anyone. Fitting in is overrated and unfulfilling. If you chase after people who want to change you, you will lose yourself and the personality and smile everyone around you has come to adore. You are perfect just the way you are. Don't let people tell you that you have to change yourself to be liked or "popular."

You're never ever alone.

Ever. Nothing will ever change that. You know I'll always be here and will leave class to take a call from you (sorry mom and dad lol). Nothing you do will change the amount of love I have for you. So many people care about you and want to see you change the world, and I can't wait to witness that. Liv, you inspire me and regardless of your circumstances, you are not alone.

I love you,


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