15 Things Only Pisces Will Understand
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15 Things Only Pisces Will Understand

You love to help others.

15 Things Only Pisces Will Understand

1. You're artistic

Art is a passion that lives deep within you.

2. You particularly love music

You're always dancing along to the rhythm and have music in your soul.

3. You’re very gentle

You aren't aggressive but are rather sensitive.

4. You’re also empathetic

You always feel for people.

5. And make a great friend

You always listen to and care about your friends, they never hesitate to turn to you.

6. You’re more introverted

You're a bit on the shy side, your ideal night includes Pizza, Netflix and no people.

7. You can be fearful

You are can become very worried very quickly.

8. And become sad easily

*Cries over spilled milk

9. You often want to escape from reality

You are often found daydreaming.

10. You love your alone time

This goes along with you being an introvert\

11. But you’re a romantic

You especially love corny rom-coms.

12. You hate being criticized

But, honestly, who doesn't?

13. You love to sleep

14. You love helping others

You never hesitate to help a friend, family member, or anyone in need.

15. You’re selfless

You care about others above all else, because you are empathetic and helpful. You make an amazing friend, and anyone would feel blessed to have you as a friend.

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