15 Things 'New Girl' Fans Know To Be True

15 Things 'New Girl' Fans Know To Be True

New Girl has a lot of hilarious moments that every fan knows well.

"New Girl" has brought us many memorable moments so far in its 6 year run. Asking a fan to pick a favorite flatmate is like having to choose between their best friends. Here are a list of things that every "New Girl" fan knows to be true.

15. Sometimes Schmidt Happens

Don't mess with Schmidt, y'all. Even with a dorky cat hat on his head, he will smack you.

14. No Boobs Want to go to Boob Jail

Bras are the worst and Jess is just telling it like it is.

13. The Panic Moonwalk Will Always Get You Out of Awkward Situations

Ever need to escape an awkward moment? Nick Miller taught us the panic moonwalk for just such occasions!

12. Youths are Everywhere!

The older we get, the more out of touch we get with youth culture. It's a sad fact of life.

11. You'll Never Look at Quick Hardening Caulk the Same Way Ever Again

NEVER go to a hardware store with someone to whom you are attracted. It will end horribly.

10. You Know Who Prank Sinatra Is

Oh, Winston, and your overly convoluted, sometimes scary pranks. We love Prank Sinatra.

9. Flip Phones are for Time Travelers

Oh flip phones, a sign of times gone by (Mostly I just love this one because I actually still own a flip phone. Yes, I know it's 2017).

8. You Can't Hear the Name "Jess" without Humming the Theme Song

Who's that girl? It's Jess! I really miss this theme song a lot, even though I understand they wanted to include CeCe and the guys' popularity has skyrocketed.

7. You Know How to Do Parkour

It's just too much fun running around yelling "PARKOUR!"

6. You Know What a Homeless Pencil Looks Like

You may have never thought about it before, but you don't disagree.

5. There's Only One Correct Way to Say "All Day!"

Basically we "New Girl" fans only hear certain phrases in Schmidt's voice now.

4. Winston's Shoes are as Brown as Money

One of the funniest moments of the show. If anyone tries to convince you that Kermit, money, and Winston's shoes are green, just show them this scene.

3. A Douchebag Jar is a Genius Idea

We all have that one person, right...?

2. Wearing Trench Coats Gives You Confidence

Especially if it's a ladies' trench coat.

1. We Don't Wash Towels, Towels Wash Us!

No one likes a damp towel before a shower, but it's even worse when you find out you've been sharing your towel with a roommate who never washes it.

What "New Girl" truths do you now know?

Cover Image Credit: FanPop

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