Makeup is life saver sometimes while it is also an annoying and timely procedure to undergo every morning. As beautiful as it is, there are many struggles to being a girl who loves makeup.

1. It is expensive

2. It is a "learn as you go" thing

3. Summer is our worst enemy

4. When you screw up your eyeliner (or any makeup), you just have to go with it

5. Sometimes it just takes a few minutes (or more) to get it right

6. When your boyfriend or anyone else that doesn't understand your love for makeup

7. It's an addiction

8. Some people just don't understand

9. The struggle is real when you want to rub your eyes during the day

10. You don't always get it right the first time

11. It's gift to apply makeup so well

12. While we may be making our faces more pretty, the ones we make while doing that might not be

13. Third time's a charm right?

14. We wear make up for ourselves

15. Sometimes people forget what you look like without makeup

Some might say makeup is useless or that we don't need it. While people say things like that or when our mothers say we look better without it, we girls don't just put makeup on because we think we look ugly; we put it on because it's like an art to us. All of those foundations, eye shadows, lipsticks, all of it is the paint and we are the canvases.