15 Things Only Georgetown Students Know To Be True
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15 Things Only Georgetown Students Know To Be True

You know you can relate to these if you live on the Hilltop.

15 Things Only Georgetown Students Know To Be True
Nikki Hauser

Georgetown: it's the educational experience of a lifetime. Everyone knows the limitless opportunities here for us on campus and in DC...but there are some things you really just have to be here to know. Aside from our super fun times in Lau, our ever-increasing lack of sleep, and our collective interest in politics (well, for most of us), here are some things we've all probably experienced here on the Hilltop.

1. We flip out over a tiny bulldog on a skateboard.

Yes, this is true for all of us. Don't deny it--all of our jaws drop in awe of our beloved Jack, and rightfully so! That takes real talent, and we are so proud.

2. Everyone dresses up for class...unless you're an athlete.

I get it--we all look put together, as we should. Learning to be adults, right? WRONG! Here's my proposition: let's take after other universities and wear sweatpants everywhere...especially class, yes? We could look as cool as the athletes!

3. We all secretly (or openly!) wish Bradley Cooper will be there every time we go to Yates.

Yep...pretty much.

4. Georgetown: the school where getting into clubs is harder than getting into the university.

When you try your best but you don't succeed...yeah, it's difficult to get into some clubs here. Why you gotta be so selective? (We're looking at you, tour guides and Corpies!)

5. Three words: So. Many. Stairs.

Why, Regents? Wait...is this why everyone is in shape here? This is a conspiracy!

6. We all have that one friend or acquaintance who constantly posts political rants on Facebook (or...is it just everyone?)

Something bothering you? Post it on your every social media platform! Some find it entertaining, others irritating. But hey, do your thing! Fingers crossed there's some controversy in the comments that I can enjoy reading.

7. We vehemently believe our favorite cupcake place is better than the rest.

Oh, I'm sorry, did you say you liked Georgetown Cupcakes better than Baked and Wired? Because I don't think we can friends anymore.

8. We've picked out which colored townhouse we would live in.

"Wh-what? Why would you choose the yellow one? Look how cute the light blue is! My favorite...you guys, we're living there."

9. Our professors casually leave class early to go work for the government.

We get it, you're extremely accomplished. I just want to learn from you...teach me your ways!

10. Most students here actually know more than three political figures.

Yes, we know who the Speaker of the House is, and most of the majority and minority leaders. We also know all of the people running for president - hey, we've probably even speculated on possible President-VP tickets. And we have our opinions on each candidate - so don't get us started.

11. Almost every guy owns more khaki pants than jeans...or any other pants, for that matter.

I have yet to find a guy who defies this standard.

12. We still don't know how to answer everyone's question: "What is a Hoya?"

It's a varied response. "Well...see, it means 'What rocks'...and like, it has some history behind it, I think? We say Hoya Saxa, and there's something about a Stonewall...You know what, you should just look it up, yeah?"

13. A presidential debate party gets a bigger crowd than a football game.

Whoops...sorry, team! We're just really into politics here at Georgetown, and, well, not so hot about this particular sport.

14. We know that feeling we get when our schedule shows we have classes in St. Mary's.

It's a mix of dejection...anger...annoyance...

15. But through it all, we love the Hoya life.

We're in this together, and we know the Hilltop will always be our home.

*Cue a single tear.*

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