15 Things College Girls Need Much More Than A Significant Other
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15 Things College Girls Need Much More Than A Significant Other

Yes, the guacamole is necessary.

15 Things College Girls Need Much More Than A Significant Other

Let's face it; if you have a significant other, you do not always know what is going through their head or how they really feel.

Honestly, you could be blindsided in the worst way, and left in a public place looking like an idiot. (True story!)

So there are definitely things you can invest in before you invest in a relationship with others, and these are definitely more dependable.

1. Your self

Again, no one is going to have you, like you do. You can depend on yourself always because, in the end, you are the only one guaranteed to be there for YOU. Might as well hold yourself accountable and be able to be alone.

2. 10-foot phone chargers

These bad boys break pretty often, but not as often as those boys could break your heart.

3. Cookout Milkshakes

MY one true love.

4. Our dogs

I lied, my dog will always be there at the end of the day. She gives me kisses and cuddles without throwing a fit about it; even when I don't want them.

5. Netflix

So what if it takes 10 minutes to buffer because Kennesaw State's wifi sucks majorly? At least it won't wait until right before you leave to cancel plans or tell you they aren't even home!

6. A car

My brand new baby I bought all on my own, with no help from a significant other, will not give up on me when it gets "tired" or decide it's going to crap out on me a few years in.

7. "Game of Thrones"

Sure, we might kill off every character that you love and invest in, but we don't end it all. Ever.

8. "The Walking Dead"

See #7.

9. The Gym

Sure, you hurt a little afterward, but it is all for the better; you're getting stronger with every visit. Most are open 24/7 and accept all kinds of people now, instead of shutting you out when you are a little different than 'their kind' of people. ie: college cliques.

10. "Grey's Anatomy"

It might make you cry, but you know that it holds your heart for always.

11. Starbucks on Campus

There is always a line, ALWAYS; but you still won't wait as long as you will for your S.O. to meet the family.

12. Dogs on Campus

They'll wag and lick you and make you smile more than he could on a date he tried to plan.

13. Guacamole from Chipotlé

That extra charge on your total isn't close to the amount of pain you could endure when the end comes to this relationship.

14. The chance to register for classes we need.

Oh, you need that class for your major? Try again next semester. Oh, you wanted to go see that play at The Fox Theatre? Try again with someone else because they don't enjoy plays.

15. Family.

I figured I would save the best, and least sarcastic for last. Your family will always have your back, no matter what issues there may be between you. Let me just tell you that I have never seen my parents so mad as when I come home crying over someone; anyone, for that matter.

So let's focus on these before we try a significant other out; there is a no return policy on relationships, anyway.

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