Having a dog be a part of a family is basically the greatest gift anyone could ever ask for. They greet us at the door when we get home, they comfort us when we're feeling sad, they will always be there for us whenever we need them, they're loyal and they cuddle with us anywhere at any point in time. What more could we ask for?

But, as much as we all love our dogs, sometimes our furry friends can get in the way of doing everyday tasks, and even in the way of having a relaxing evening -- especially when you have a large dog living in your house. For those of us who have large dogs, you definitely feel all of these struggles on a day-to-day basis.

1. Your dog thinks they can still fit in your lap... even though they're 60+ pounds.

Once a lapdog, always a lapdog?

2. Going to bed is nearly impossible to do.

Have a spot on your bed where you like to sleep? Well, not anymore because the dog likes to sleep in the exact same spot as you do -- and they'll make sure they'll get their way before they go to bed.

3. You can never sit comfortably during car rides.

Wherever you are sitting, your dog, of course, just has to sit on you out of all the places in the car they could pick.

4. And, most of the time, your obstruction of view while driving is caused by your dog.

When you're swerving on the highway, it's usually because your dog is blocking your rearview mirror and the entire window in your backseat.

5. You can never leave any food lying around on the counter.

That piece of pizza you left on the counter for a split second you couldn't wait to get your hands on... well, your dog helped himself to it before you could. And, they're not even in the least bit sorry about it.

6. Carrying your dog is always very difficult...

As much as you want to pick up your dog and hold them, they're often too heavy to do so. But when they are finally in your arms, it feels like you're holding a bag of bricks.

7. Taking your dog for a walk usually results in your dog taking you for a walk.

Want to go outside for a nice stroll? Nope, think again. Your dog will pull you anywhere it wants to go, and you've most likely gotten some bumps and bruises along the way.

8. Trying to watch TV is never fun...

Yes, please do take my footrest and sit right in front of the television. That's just how I wanted to watch my football game.

9. And neither is trying to take a nap on the couch.

You can never just take a nap in peace.

10. Having a fence around your yard never really stops your dog from getting out.

You constantly get calls from the neighbors saying that your dog is in their yard again.

11. Trying to eat/ prepare food practically anywhere usually results in this happening.

Yes, those last few pieces of bread were totally for your dog. It's fine, you didn't need that peanut butter and jelly anyway.

12. Your house becomes consumed large dog toys.

And you're constantly finding toys in the oddest places. In your closet, in your laundry hamper, underneath the couch and even stuck in between the couches.

13. They always find a way to plop themselves in the most inconvenient spots around the house when you you're trying to do something.

Most of the time, you're trying to step around them, but you've definitely stepped on their paws and tail a few times.

14. Sometimes you need more than a bag to clean up after your dog.

Pooper Scoopers are usually the way to go.