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20 things all guys NEED To know, according To my best friends And I

Here are the top 20 things all guys should know, as told by seven girls.

20 things all guys NEED To know, according To my best friends And I
Juliana Keane

1. Whether you're an ex, a current or a future, TELL US WHAT YOU'RE THINKING.

We can't read your mind. Don't just assume we know how you think or feel about us. If you're feeling something, be upfront about it. We hate having to guess or be unsure. Chances are if you're honest with how you're feeling, something good is going to come from it!

2. Never underestimate the importance of small gestures.

We're girls, we notice everything. Every door you hold, every chair you push in, that cute little smirk you give us... We LOVE it all and it does not go unnoticed. Keep those cute little things coming!

3. We tell our girlfriends everything.

Next time you think to send a dumb text, think again. It's going STRAIGHT to the girl's group message. This goes for cute things too. Chances are if you send something really sweet, that's also going straight to the group message. We like keeping our girls in the loop.

4. Also, we find out everything.

If I ask you about it, there's about a 99% chance I already know the answer. So you best be telling us the truth G D***IT!

5. Please don't point it out when we are PMS'ing.

If it's almost that time of the month, you will probably know, and we obviously do too. Don't point it out!

6. At the end of the day after all the fights and passive aggressive texts, end the day on a good note. Never let her go to bed unhappy.

Letting her go to bed upset is never a good idea. Try to work things out before then and begin the next day with a fresh start.

7. Treat her how you would treat your mama.

'Nuff said.

8. We are sensitive to certain things because of circumstances in our past relationships.

Our past experiences with guys effect us more than you may think. We may not be upset about those things so much anymore, but we do look for red flags when it comes to how we have felt in the past.

9. There is a difference between confidence and cockiness.

Confidence is sexy. Cockiness is not.

10. The way you treat my friends is just as important as the way you treat me.

Be good to all of us. Their opinion of you matters so much.


That old cliche saying that "nice guys always finish last..." SO FALSE. BE A GOOD GUY WITH A GOOD HEART and you're going to end up with the absolute best woman. We promise.

12. When you are good with kids...and you play well with kids... and you talk about wanting kids in the future...Lord help us all.

I don't even need a description. You get the point.

13. If you don't want anything with me, be upfront about it. Girls hate dishonesty.

There's nothing worse than being blindsided or lied to. Tell us straight up. It's better than finding out something different later on.

14. Having a relationship with Jesus and not being afraid to show it is extremely attractive.

We don't have to believe the same things. We don't have to go to the same church service. If this is something you're scared of, don't be. Girls swoon over a man who isn't afraid to take her to church and pray with her.

15. Girls pray for guys.

I pray for my future husband almost every single day. Believe or not, I pray for my exes as well. I pray for their happiness, their well being, their health, and their futures-- even if it doesn't include me in it.

16. There are few greater things than you smelling good.

Get some good cologne and please wear it when you're with us. Please!!!

17. If you tell us to "calm down," we are going to do the exact opposite.

There's nothing that makes us more upset than telling us to "calm down," or "chill out." Just don't do it.

18. If we've ever been cheated on, we're going to be extra cautious of that and may even have trust issues at times.

Don't fault us for this. There are few things worse than placing all of your trust in someone and having that taken away from you.

19. Amazing girls don't come around often.

If you have that, hold onto it and don't take advantage of it. You're probably going to regret it later if you let go of someone really, really special.

20. Tell us cute things that remind you of us.

Whether it's a place we've been, a song or an experience you're having, we love to hear that you're thinking of us.

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