15 Things All Cashiers Are Tired of Hearing

Whether you're a cashier in a grocery store, fast food restaurant, or retail shop, you know that the customers are ~the worst~ and you are treated like a piece of sewage that exists only to scan bananas and body wash. So for all you shoppers out there, this is what we cashiers are sick and tired of hearing.

1. "I'm sorry, I forgot (item)! I'll just go grab them quickly"

It's fine. I don't have a line of people to worry about.

2. "I left my wallet in my car."

Cue me waiting 15 minutes with your entire order in the system while you go try to find $20 bucks.

3. "I've decided I don't want these." *hands over items*

Cool! I really wanted to put those things back for you!

4. "Could you bag it this way??"

Look, I spent hours watching training videos on bagging. Please don't kill my bagging vibe.

5. "Oh, actually I have the $0.27!"

I already put in the $20, I hate mental math, and I'm making $7.25 an hour.

6. "Sorry, I only have change."


7. "Keep the change."

Sorry, but I get paid minimum and can't accept tips. Don't remind me.

8. *Argues about price of item*

I'm a college student working part-time behind the register. Do you really think I can control the prices here?

9. "Are you guys hiring?"

Unfortunately, I am a cashier who has no bearing on the hiring process but I'll pretend to know.

10. "I have *____ items*, can I still use the express lane?"

Yep, you're the exception to the rule, Mr. 100 cans of soup. Please, go ahead and waste everyone's time.

11. "Are you open?"

Believe it or not, I'm standing behind the register with my lights on for fun!

12. *Talks on cell phone throughout entire transaction*

I already hate myself enough for working here, please don't treat me like I'm invisible.

13. "You should really open more lanes."

My register is open and that's really the best I can do for you right now.

14. "Can you double bag it all?"

Are you that weak? Or do you just hate the environment?

15. "It won't scan! ~It must be free!~ lol"

Unfortunately, working retail has stripped me of my sense of humor. Bye.

Now you know proper cashier etiquette. Please don't do any of these again.

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