Leave Fast Fashion Behind in 2019 With These 15 Sustainable Clothing Brands
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Leave Fast Fashion Behind in 2019 With These 15 Sustainable Clothing Brands

Fast fashion is so last year...

Leave Fast Fashion Behind in 2019 With These 15 Sustainable Clothing Brands

Fast fashion - mall stores like H&M, Forever 21, and Zara - may be cheap, but it's killing the planet and leaving millions of workers with unlivable wages and highly dangerous working conditions. Rather than continuing to support fast fashion, here are some ethical options to start your 2020 off right.


One of the first "outdoorsy" brands to embrace sustainability, Patagonia has been consistently ethical since 2011. Their clothing is well-made and perfect for anyone looking to get closer to nature while still preserving it.

United By Blue

United By Blue is another sustainable "outdoorsy" company, in a similar vein with Patagonia. However, they produce fewer items, encouraging lower consumption, which is the only real way to be truly sustainable.


You may have seen their ads on your favorite YouTube channels, but the hype is real. Their shoes are comfortable, ethical, and good for the environment. The perfect combination!

Krochet Kids

Krochet Kids provides sustainable basics at a reasonable price. If you ever need the essentials, be sure to check out Krochet Kids!


Sisterhood is a slow fashion brand with a fast fashion look. Their company is ethical, however some of their clothing is made from polyester and other synthetic fabrics. Be sure to wash with a microplastic bag!


PACT is another ethical brand that concentrates on stylish basics and activewear. Though not necessarily the most affordable, their products will last a lifetime.


Everlane has been all over social media lately, and for good reason. Their clothes are simple, timeless, and stylish, while still maintaining a great moral code.

Amour Vert

Amour Vert is pretty pricy, but their clothes are so beautiful it almost makes up for it. Perfect for any occasion!


Sezane is a brand I've been following since I first got into sustainable fashion. It blends French elegance with heartfelt ethics beautifully (literally).


Perhaps my favorite brand on this list, Kotn makes sustainability look effortless and cool. The simplicity of their designs makes the hefty price tag worthwhile!

Lucy & Yak

Lucy & Yak's dungarees are adorable, but they can be expensive. In order to get the best deal, check out their DePop!

We Are Hairy People

We Are Hairy People has some of the most unique and dynamic designs of all the brands on this list. Highly recommended!


If you like the Brandy Melville aesthetic, but disagree with their brand's message, Afends is the perfect alternative. Which and cute, but with a great code of ethics.

Oh Seven Days

Oh Seven Days is really expensive, but they use surplus fabric that other brands don't use, so who could ask for more? Just be sure to catch their sales!

Wild Fawn

The only jewelry brand on this list, Wild Fawn gives some off some Mejuri and Missoma vibes, just with better morals.

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