The 15 Stages of Applying for an Internship
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Student Life

The 15 Stages of Applying for an Internship

The Struggle is real.

The 15 Stages of Applying for an Internship
Bonnie Kittle

Entering the "real world" is the ultimate goal of college, right? Well, while we're in college we often forget that (or at least I do). Which means we start to operate on a different schedule than the rest of the world... and forget about deadlines... especially for Internships.

It's one of the most stressful and exciting things you can do while in college. You are literally taking your first step into your career field (hopefully of your dreams). Getting everything in on time is enough of a struggle, but then all the "what if"s pop into your head.

By some miracle of God, we get through and end up with an internship.

As you procrastinate applying for your internship please enjoy these gifs describing the process.

1. The realization that you need to apply for an internship

2. The realization that you should have applied months ago

3. Frantically looking for an internship on every website possible

4. The realization that your resume is out of date

5. Update said resume

6. Continue to apply for internships

7. Pray that you get an interview

8. Get an interview

9. Freak Out

10. Interview

11. Freak Out (again)

12. Wait for their call

13. Get offered an internship

14. Celebrate

15. The realization that it's unpaid so you have to start applying for a job

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