15 Songs That I'd Play In The Shower
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15 Songs That I'd Play In The Shower

A moisturized musical, amirite?

15 Songs That I'd Play In The Shower

Playing music in the shower is in the holy grail of college social experiences - right up there with partying and Graduating. Music is amazing — it spices up life and is just something to put that extra kick into the mundane morning shower and keep me conscious and aware of the rest of the day. There's no feeling better than finding that new song that gets stuck in your head - and on repeat - and even more so when ya need that constant stream of entertainment, like when you're showering for instance.

Going for a shower in a college dorm is really a concert in disguise, an opportunity to showcase your tastes — searching for the high honor of a hum along from your neighbor stalls.

Here's a short list of a couple songs that make the cut for me.

1. Another Day in Paradise by Quinn XCII

Words to live by — every day can be another day in paradise, starting in the shower

2. I'm Me by Us The Duo

The pluckiest, quirkiest self-acceptance song you'll ever hear.

3. Not My Day by Keith James

It never fails to surprise me how someone can describe quite possibly the worst of days and make it sound like a happy song.

4. Glorious by Macklemore (feat. Skylar Grey)

Macklemore's comeback song leaves me feeling GLORIOUS.

5. Flare Guns by Quinn XCII

Kinda sad, kinda catchy, oddly shower feelsy.

6. San Francisco by The Mowglis

Whistly , happy, and all the vibes you'd want in a shower.

7. Hey Soul Sister by Train

8. A-Punk by Vampire Weekend

Vaguely beach bum-y and upbeat - a quality throwback.

9. My Type by Saint Motel

Weird instruments and an upbeat feel really do it for me - praise the cowbell.

10. 679 & No Diggity by Jackson Briet

A combined cover that honestly puts the originals to shame

11. Rap God by Eminem

Who wouldn't want to shower while trying to keep up with the machine gun of words that was rap god?

12. Lot to learn by Luke Christopher

13. This Is How It Should Be by The Hot Potato Band

Punchy, upbeat, and all about the brass instruments

14. Hakuna Matata

Lion King. Childhood. What more do I need to say?

15. The Entire La La Land Soundtrack

Emma Stone and Ryan Goslings Hollywood tribute had one hell of a soundtrack and there's no feeling better than when someone starts humming along in the stall right next door. Talk about finding "Someone in the Crowd."

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