Sometimes when you're listening to your old iPod or a throwback playlist you hear this song that you know and you remember loving that song so much. But then you listen to the whole song and you're just like why did I ever like this. It happens to me all the time, so here is a few song I personally don't understand why I liked so much.

1. "I'm A Slave 4 U" By: Britney Spears

To be honest any Britney Spears song I've loved I hate myself for.

2. "Goodies" By: Ciara

I went around singing this song without knowing what it was talking about for the longest.

3. "Just the Girl" By: The Click Five

Really cheesy. She laughed at his dream but he dreamt about her laughter, that's too much.

4. "My Humps" By: Black Eyes Peas

5. "Candy Shop" By: 50 Cent

SPOILER: it's not about an actual candy shop

6. "Irreplaceable" By: Beyoncé

Only because every time I hear the words "to the left" I start singing this song

7. "Bossy" By: Kelis

It's very cringy.

8. "Lollipop" By: Lil Wayne

9. "Milkshake" By: Kelis

10. "One Time" By: Justin Bieber

11. "Baby" By: Justin Bieber

12. "California Gurls" By: Katy Perry

13. "Your Love Is My Drug By: Kesha

14. "Tik Tok" By: Kesha

15. "Black and Yellow" By: Wiz Khalifa