Small towns--we have all been to one.

They're the towns that pop up out of nowhere when on a road trip and take only a few minutes to pass through. I mean if you blink, you could practically miss it. They typically are home to a few bars, one or two churches, a gas station, and maybe even a stop light if you're lucky.

And you may be asking yourself, what would there possibly be to do in the summer months in these small towns. Well, if you scroll through the social media of someone who is from a small town, you would definitely get the gist of it.

Here's a list of 14 social media posts you make in a small town during the summer months:

1. Sunsets

Caption: The definition of pure beauty that you can't get anywhere else but a small town.

2. Backroads

Caption: Look, it's a road with an end never in sight.

3. Fishing trips

Caption: Just another day out on the water catchin' big ones.

4. Ice cream dates

Caption: Ice cream--the necessity of life.

5. Fields

Caption: Who needs beaches and bustling cities when we have vast open spaces and the smell of fresh wheat being harvested? Plus look at all that beauty.

6. Softball pics

Caption: Diamonds are a girls' best friend.

7. Alcohol

Caption: Something has to get us through the day.

8. American pride

Caption: We literally bleed red, white, and blue.

9. Jeeps, trucks, go-karts, 4-wheelers, and any other machine that runs through dirt

Caption: We small-towners like our machines, and we have the dirt to go with them. It's a win-win.

10. Rainbows

Caption: Wow, out here we even have double rainbows.

11. Tractors

Caption: Look at those sugar beets grow.

12. Swimming pools

Caption: Just a girl with her gummy bear inflatable.

13. Farm animals

Caption: There's nothing like a bond between a girl and her cow.

14. And vacation pics to anywhere else besides our small town

Caption: Wow, look at us small town kids getting pics of a big city.

Although there isn't a lot to do in these terribly small towns, we definitely make the most of it, just check out our Snap stories.